TR Intervals & Weight Training


So I have been off the bike for a while, as I have been travelling for the past 3 months, and outside of the occasional run, hike or long ride, I am looking to get back into it.

I want to fit in a short (4-6 weeks) weight training period before I begin, but I have one main issue.

When I build a plan, I cannot dial down the intensity for any of the workouts. On a low volume programme, all of them are designated “hard” intensity. I want them to be easy, but I am worried that if I do it manually, I might be picking workouts that are unsuitable.

I think I have three main options:

  1. Push the training plan back until I actually get into interval training, and either pick TrainNow workouts or no structured training;

  2. Manually edit them to lower the intensity on each workout; or

  3. Put in a “time off period” for weight training so the plan adjusts accordingly.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?

Personally, I think TR should allow you to lower the intensity of workouts for weight training periods so that you do not overload yourself. But that might be another discussion topic.

The low volume plans are designed with three hard workouts to make up for lack of volume.

Just do TrainNow and pick the endurance workouts until you’re ready for a plan with intesity.

Do Master’s plans. They are exactly this

The masters plans just replace one of the hard rides with an endurance ride, so you still have two hard interval workouts per week on a low volume plan.

If you want zero intensity, do low volume traditional base

Hey there!

As @HMG said, if you’re looking for no intensity, you could look at Low Volume Traditional Base. That will keep everything low-intensity for you as you work through your focused weight training period.

Or, you could do what @gally24 recommended, which is to use TrainNow and pick an Endurance workout when you ride over the next few weeks.

Either of those options should work well for you. Then, once you finish up with this phase of training, you can use Plan Builder to construct something longer-term. :slight_smile: