BeElite chamois cream


For a long time my favourite chamois cream was the wiggle be elite cream. I liked the bees wax type texture which lasted well and was super comfortable for me. It doesnt seem wiggle are making this any more which is a shame. I know the question of whixh chamois cream is best has been asked many times, however im wondering if there are any other ex be eliete users, and what you have moved onto?

Fyi: Review: BeElite Chamois Cream |

Never used the BeElite Chamois, but it looks really nice!

Any of these are great tho: Chamois cream explained | Cycling Weekly

Personally I’ve liked the PACELINE PRODUCTS CHAMOIS BUTTR and ASSOS CHAMOIS CRÈME :slight_smile:

I was using the Chamois Buttr, brand and found out that I was allergic to it (their European style cream). (Yeah, it was painful :hushed:)

I tried a few other brands and really like the ASSOS Chamois Cream.

(On Reddit: ‘Is chamois cream a lie?’. Well, I guess that depends. I didn’t use anything for decades, and can say that using again makes ‘things’ feel more comfortable. I like the European ‘tingly’ creams, so :person_shrugging:)


Double dipping? :hushed:

Thank you Caro!

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Oh boy that sounds like a pain in the arse :expressionless:
Thanks fir the reply :+1:

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Used to use beelite chamois cream and liked it. Then something changed in the ingredients or production and it seemed to be a lot thicker and more gummy. I’ve now gone back to Muc Off chamois cream which I really rate :+1:

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The wife and doc thought I had a yeast infection. Yeah it was not comfortable, and I was surprised when I switched creams and all of the symptoms went away. Keep looking if you encounter issues…

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