Best chamois cream

I was wondering what chamois cream everyone uses and what you like and don’t like

I’ve switched to Noxema per Chris Horner’s recommendation on youtube. It works pretty well.

I’ve also used Palmer’s cocoa butter cream in the past and that works well.

I refuse to buy super expensive cycling specific chamois cream which is typically off the shelf ingredients for 3x the price.


Assoss - minty fresh :ok_hand:


Enzo’s Buttonhole……I prefer the No Tingle option, but both versions are great.

Added bonus, you get twice the cream for the same price vs. Assos and other brands.

I have tried the following

  1. Noxzema
  2. Enzo’s
  3. Assos
  4. Bag Balm
  5. Muc off
  6. DZ Nuts
  7. Some tea tree oil goop

The petroleum based products were a huge mistake. The others were fine but overpriced and more designed for friction reduction, not necessarily main issue for me. My chamois fit is dialed in so I have no issues w friction

I’ve been very happy with Noxzema and continue to use every ride.



I like this one: Luxury Chamois Cream 250ml | Athlete Performance | Muc-Off UK

In Sweden it costs as much as everything else, so got no preference in terms of price.

But it’s easy to wash off, it smells good, and there is no “sting” to it like ASSOS.

With ASSOS it’s like you’ve put a mint in your pants… some like it, I don’t really like the artificial cold feeling…

Noxema… Cheap and effective

I like Enzo’s too. Work’s well, reasonably priced and easy to get on Amazon.

I used Chamois Butt’r for a long time and it was fine too but Enzo’s works a bit better for me. That and I prefer a tub rather than a tube and at the time I switched it was not always easy to find Chamois Butt’r in a tub.

I started with reasonably priced stuff and it works fine for me so I never saw any reason to even try more expensive stuff (e.g. Assos). Either its no better or, I’d like it and then be stuck paying for it the rest of my life :wink:

Did anyone ever try plain old sudo creme? That’s what I have been using, it more or less seems to have the same ingredients as most chamois cremes and it of course designed to prevent chaving, in diapers… I have never used real chamois creme though

Yes I’ve used sudo cream. Hard to wash out, but if it works for you go for it.


I’ve had Assos, Rapha, muc off in the past and a few others but during the first lockdown I found it hard to find anything I knew so Ive stumbled on Veloskin and I like it

Tried a few in my early days and didn’t find any benefits, so it’s my chamois and buck naked bare bottom.


I’ve had friend who have used anti chafing stuff and have ruined jerseys and whatnot due to it not washing out and leaving “oil” stains on things.

Proper chamois crème washes off with just water! Good to keep in mind :slight_smile: not fun ruining expensive jerseys and bibs.

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A good bike fit is all the chamois cream I’ve ever needed.

Assos. Never a pimple or saddle sore in 3 years. Tried Dz Nuts, Chamois butter and one other whose name i can’t recall. Assos still #1 for me.

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Even when going from trainer indoor season to 6h in the saddle in some warm climate?

I have learned my lesson what happens when you go from cool climate and 2hrs max on trainer to 30c in the shade and 6h on the bike.

It ain’t pretty :sweat_smile:

Squirt Barrier Balm: Squirt Cycling Products | Squirt Barrier Balm

It’s amazing, it really puts up a barrier between skin and clothes, or skin and skin. Can’t recommend it enough.

Chamois Butt’r. Tried others like Assos and DZ nuts, but CB works best for me.


Tears of your enemies!

Also ‘Aussie Butt Cream’ here in Australia. Not sure if they have distribution elsewhere in the world. And I’m not sure their name is correct about the distribution of the cream itself. :peach::rofl:

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