Beef between Justin Williams and Travis McCabe

Yea I mostly agree I just think this is changing, and america is riding the gravel wave


Mess of hashtags. Yawn social media

Will never happen. Even wives and girlfriends don’t want to hear about the races let alone attend. This type of thing bubbles up every 20 years. Just enjoy the sport for what it is.

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I mean, the United States is big, so there is a lot of opportunity for gravel riding.

Our roads / driving culture isn’t what it is in Europe, so road riding is tougher. As is organizing a stage race with local, county, and State jurisdictions / LEO’s / Emergency personnel.

And Lachlan is Aussie anyway :wink:


How do they get to race both and he couldn’t?

He’s an adopted son :rofl:

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Not with that mentality it won’t. Thankfully Justin, despite sharing your jade, is willing to push his vision into a reality and change the sport to make it work. I see the vision and recognize the pieces, and I’m willing to be part of the change in my area when the opportunity arises. I’m positive I’m not alone in that.


My guess is that the race promoter/governing body has discretion here. As noted by others, Justin said he could have raced, but his team was not granted entry.

The results I linked were for the road race, but presumably this the same situation was in play for the crit.

right, american team doh!


Yeah, I think that is probably right. It’s a definite shift going on.

The road race allowed more then one guy from
The same team to race in the amateur and pro field.

Maybe it’s due to a road race takes more guys for you to do well?

If they’re going have multiple levels, Stripes should really just go to the highest tier, which would be “pro”. I think thats what the point originally was for it.

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Are you talking specifically crits because otherwise there would be a lot of disciplines where there wouldn’t be stars and strips worn regularly then. I think its fine the way it is now and this contrived beef isn’t really an issue.

Is there a national championship for Cat 5 Masters?

Asking for a friend.



That would be nice. I hope it happens.

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Tulsa is here. Anyone there?

Race coverage runs central time 5:10 to 9:40 p.m. Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 7:55 p.m. Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 5:35 p.m. Sunday. and will have full streaming coverage for free every day.

I don’t see a link yet but planning on checking it out


Schedule for Friday (CDT timezone):

McNellie’s Group Blue Dome Criterium - Third Street & Elgin Avenue
5:00 pm - Men’s CAT III
5:45 pm - Masters 40+ A (Cat1/2)
6:30 pm - Opening Ceremony
6:45 pm - Men’s CAT I/II
7:35 pm . - Women’s Pro I/II (PRT)
8:30 pm - Men’s Pro I (PRT)