Question about L39ion (Legion of LA)

I couldn’t find any information about this anywhere else … and while unimportant I’m genuinely curious:

Does anyone know why Cory Lockwood is no longer with the L39ion team?

After Justin Williams was on the podcast this summer and was so effusive in his praise for what Lockwood brought to the team (i.e. calling him a “cheat code”) - I was surprised to see via Lockwood’s IG account that he is no longer with Legion. Ever since he’s really only made a bunch of cryptic posts alluding to the topic, but I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere.

File this under “ unimportant, non-world tour transfer gossip” if you want, but I was wondering if anyone knew the reason for the split.

I don’t know much, but I know he’s now currently on Tom Danielson’s program (I think it’s called CINCH?)

I don’t know the reason for the split, but it could very well just be that what he wanted didn’t align with their goals for the next season, or they simply didn’t have space on the roster.

I know that Lockwood has some questionable history behind him, but that never seemed to come into play when he was with Legion.

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I think he was always a CINCH cycling coach (even when he was with Legion) - but I might be wrong.

Does CINCH also have a team?

Either way, I just thought it curious how fast that split up after Williams’ praise this summer.

I saw what you did there.

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I was looking for info as well. It seems a bad split. They are not following each other on social media, so seems bad.

If the rumor mill is churning, anyone know what is going on with stan’s pivot?

I thought the team closed shop last week? Chloe Woodruff isn’t running the team anymore, and she said everyone has new opportunities with different teams.

There have been a few departures recently from Legion that seem to have happened in a way that left the riders in question with a bad taste in their mouth.

I think the simplest answer is that although Legion has excellent brand recognition and an ambition based on a somewhat altruistic set of values, they are still a cycling team that needs to pay the bills, who owners who also want to pay their own bills.

Owning a cycling team is not exactly a profitable endeavor, even when you win the Tour multiple times with the same rider. So I’d imagine that Legion needs to punch way above their funding with wins in order to stay afloat.