BC Bike Race vs Single Track 6

Looking for an A race next year and an MTB stage race would provide plenty of motivation to keep training seriously this winter. Maybe even strength training too :scream:

To me BC Bike Race and Single Track 6 look like the most exciting options. I’m looking for a race with quality single track and I think both options more than fit this requirement.

With BC Bike Race I’m concerned about sleeping in a tent after racing all day. And with ST6 I’m concerned about the distance between stages and how far the final stage is from Calgary (an 8 hour drive).

What are people’s experience with either of these races? Or if you’ve raced both how do they compare?

Which one would you do?

  • BC Bike Race
  • Single Track 6

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I did BCBR in 2019 and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. The sleeping in tents was only a challenge because I was trying to overcome jet lag (9 hours from the UK) and having twitchy legs from long hard days. It’s an incredibly well organised event. There are options to stay in hotels off site and in 2021 you can book a camper van (RV) space and drive yourself around from stage to stage.

Not done Singletrack 6…yet!

Glad to hear you had an amazing time! It definitely seems like they run an organized event. Man, an RV sounds like the perfect way to experience the race!

I talked my dad into joining me but he doesn’t want to race all 6 days. Single Track 6 has a 3 day version which is just right for him. So we are planning on signing up for Single Track 6 for 2021, maybe BC Bike Race in 2022!