Best Marathon MTB races

Hello all-

Interested in doing one or two “destination” MTB race vacations in 2019 and would like to hear opinions on some of the best options available. I’m not interested in any single day 100-milers, but certainly open to stage races or single day 100k-type races that could involve exploring local trails before and after the race. Preference is something that is mostly single track. I live in Michigan and two-track MTB races are the norm (i.e. Iceman, Ore2Shore, etc.)

Some current thoughts:
Any of the Epic Rides events (hear great things)
Breck Epic (3-day option)
Breck 100k
Pisgah 111k
Single Track 6 (3-day option)


BC Bike Race is one that would be on my bucket list :+1:

I’ve also heard really good things about the Park City Point to Point as well. It’s around 100k and mostly singletrack.


Thanks @Bryce! I’ve heard @Jonathan mention PCPP on the podcast and it sounds awesome (and brutal). I’ll definitely add it to the list. I agree that BCBR is a bucket list event for most mountain bikers, I just wish they had a 3-day option. All of these 6-day stage race options are expensive!

Lumberjack? Just pull out and DNF after two laps

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I was looking at the Maah Daah Hey 100 in North Dakota, sounds like a cool race.

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Mountain Bike Radio has an awesome breakdown of marathon races in North America by month:

If you want to go epic, I saw this gem last year in Croatia. Definitely a dream trip:


Mohican 100k is really good and not very far away

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Highly recommend the Spakwus 50 in Squamish, BC (June). Some of the area’s best trails and one of the most technical marathon races. There’s a two day option as well.

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How does BCBR compare to ST6 in terms of fitness and technical skills needed?
I did ST6 the same year as the TR guys. I managed 4 days, but it beat me up to the point I couldn’t continue. I would like to do BCBR, but would like a better experience!!

Depending on how far you want to travel :grin:


I might be able to get more support from the wife if she gets a trip to Europe out of it :grinning:

That looks like a great race and the price is reasonable. Have you done the event? Is it as well-supported as they lead you to believe?

It’s already on the calendar!

Montana Butte 100, Butte 50. All mileage between 7,000 and 9000 feet elevation. All on the Continental Divide Trail. Epic. Hard. Tinker Juarez will attest , he races it every year. Those that have done sub 9 Leadville will tell you it’s harder. And absolutely beautiful. 100 has about 16000’ feet of climbing and the 50 has about 8500’.

5 hours or thereabouts for the 50 miler pro winners.

End of July - live band , great food, great course. Fast racers. Family atmosphere. Beer and food.

No, but I’ve entered the 2019 event (33 weeks and counting :open_mouth:)

Maybe I’ll do some sort of write up to include build up, event and what I could have done better

50ish mile races is something i want to do a lot of this year. still waiting to hear about marathon nats location. but i want to do some of the nue series.

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@kingsheba Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge. This race starts on main street and kicks off the fourth of July parade. It’s great. Up lil french twice sucks, but great single track and fun descents. Fully stocked aid stations and you do two laps. There are usually over 800 people racing this. Mostly in duo/team categories.
Growler in Gunnison.
Is a 50 mile MTN bike Time Trial with 2 dates. You need to complete both dates to get your buckle! Jad and Feb time frame and typically very cold brutal condition.

I can only speek from my experience,

Transumbres MTB Argentina (3 or 6 days) veeeery hard +100Km and +2000mts of climb daily (takes place in early november). Amaaaazing place

BC Bike Race. I did it in 2015 and really want to go back. I think it advertises itself as 75% singletrack, some of the days were tough but the trails you ride are amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about the organisation and the setup as well which was all first class - they know how to put on a bike race.

That echoes what I’ve heard so far.
I think I’ll start training for 2020 about now :wink: