New battery low warning for attached devices

I discovered today that the green box at the bottom that shows the attached devices goes orange when the battery level for any of them. I’m not sure how long this has been there, but it wasn’t last time the battery in my pedals went flat. It is really useful.
Thank you TR! :clap:

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It’s been in there for a while (4+ months?). Be aware that some have said it may or may not be an accurate indicator. I have seen comments that the status in TR may not match that from other apps. No idea which is “right”, so use some discretion in planning for replacements.

One example: my Stages PM is shown in the yellow almost immediately after changing the battery and it lasts for months.


My Stages does the same, but it’s not limited to TR.

I don’t know how many batteries I got through before realising my Elemnt Bolt (and Reflkt+ before it) were reporting low battery super early, which I could safely ignore.

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My P1 batteries have been showing slowly declining percentages over the last couple of months, and it just went below 25% today.

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My Wahoo cadence sensor is always low. Even with a fresh battery. I ignore the warning.

I just noticed on yesterdays workout that my “Devices” text (bottom right of screen) was yellow with a battery indicator to the left of the text.
The indicator appeared to show that my battery (no idea if this is the battery of my HR strap or my Stages SB 20 power meters) was approx 1/3 full.
My SB batteries seem to be fine in the Stages app. Also my HR monitor battery was recently changed so not sure if this is an accurate indicator or not.

Yup, get exactly the same with my Stages PM