Low Volume plan assume I'm doing no other riding or workouts?

Is the intensity higher to make up for the fact that there are fewer rides? Should I be choosing a higher volume TR plan, then replacing some of the TR rides with outside rides?

TR user now for a year and I’ve seen definite improvements, the podcast is great too!

My question relates to how my TR training should best work with my outside trail riding. Using TR outside rides isn’t an option as I don’t have a power meter, my outside rides are way too technical and variable for structure, and I’m not disciplined enough to use RPE :slight_smile:
Right now every week, I do 3 TR indoor workouts, 3 or so light weight training workouts, and 3 outside rides (one might be on the easier side). The outside rides aren’t good recovery, they’re typically 10 miles with 2k of climbing and very technical; straight up, then straight down.

I am a mountain biker and train primarily for trail rides and Enduro races. Mountain biking is a big part of my mental health. I can’t stress enough how important this is for me and how much it has changed my life. I need to ride outdoors and the rides are tough/technical, hence the Enduro racing.

My current impression is that I have trouble recovering. Legs are always sore, always. I also don’t feel as fresh as I should for just about every ride. Am I asking for the impossible? I welcome any/all input and criticism. Thanks!

Yes and Yes.

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TR does not train you as if 70% Zone 2 20% Z3 then 10% Zone 4 with 20 hours a week available.

Its designed to work you hard for the 3 days, its dumb, you tell it all you have time for it gives low volume 3 days. If you are then adding hard technical rides on top its unlikely that you are resting enough and that is why you are felling heavy legged.

It maybe you need to dial the TR workouts back to Sweetspot only, you can recover for the next day to ride again.

You need to decide when you are going to ride outdoors, that might even mean not doing the TR workout and swapping to outdoors.

Have planned 2 recovery days either after 3 days training 1 day off, 2 long days , then another rest day.

Also what you drink on the rides, i have switched recently to Branch chained amino acids mixed with Fructose and this has worked for me.

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As the others have said you need to try and integrate TR with your outside rides. If TR is giving you 3 days of intensity then maybe you should only do 2.

Plan your easy or rest days. Ideally, they are after the hard interval days.

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Periodize your plan. I’d put more emphasis on your indoor TR plan during a base and build, and then shift focus to more mountain biking through build and certainly into specialty.

Learn to use RPE too, it’s nice to have at least an estimate of TSS on your hard mountain bike days.

The challenge for me is that I max out on two hard days a week, most coaches would agree with that too. So you have to make a choice every week, whats more important, a tough TR workout or your outdoor ride? In my view this could change weekly. Another thought is incorporating an outside work out, I’d challenge you to try that on your long climb to the fun parts…

I pushed through a MV plan last year and it didn’t work well for me, but if you’re willing and able to modify it, I’m sure it can work. In a nutshell, 2 hard rides per week, the rest should be z2. Try that and see if you can find the elusive freshness that’s import to the training balance. Just my experience.

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Great, thanks for the confirmation and tips everyone. Sounds like I need to:

  1. Use the HV plan
  2. Just learn how to use RPE
    - I welcome any tips from those who can advise… ?
  3. Sub out some of the TR rides for outside and replicate training via RPE as best I can
    - Guessing progress over perfection here?
    - Perhaps I can alternate out VO2 and Threshold rides every other week, for example?
  4. Drink something more than just water
    - Lots to read up on via these forums, I’ll research

You need to aim for up to 90g of carbs per hour on the bike, and a recovery drink when finished with 20g of protein and 80g carbs. Your legs will definitely feel less heavy if you are fuelling appropriately.

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I have had good effect sticking to the low volume plan, and then do fun outside rides.
I too only ever go out and ride fun and technical trails on my “sled”. I’ve just started to take it really easy on the climbs, no shame in using the 50tooth! A year in, I can now do the typical rides I was struggling with before almost entirely in zone 2.