Baling out on pan-flat threshold intervals


can anyone give me tips on sticking out pan-flat threshold intervals, such as Kaweah?

I’ve just started my build, having successfully completed Bashful +1 yesterday I was feeling up for another session today, I baled out early into my second 10 minute interval.
It seems to be that when I have no power fluctuations in 10 minute + intervals I lose my mental game, although I can gut out more intensive sessions with shorter intervals.

All comments appreciated.

Turn off your brain and crank out the watts.


Rule 5 comes to mind :grin:…but those constant state intervals are hard…especially in ERG mode. You just have to hold steady and breathe…varying your cadence helps a bit too.


Alternating cadence over 1/2 minute intervals, good tip Craig! :pray:

The cadence drills is one idea (sometimes suggested by Chad in the commentary), so is pedal quadrant focus (30 secs top, 30 secs bottom, etc), changing hand positions (top, hoods, drops).

And something to distract you - music and/or video.

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Thanks guys for the comments. I’ll try to execute them next time I’m suffering. I’ll re-post my experience and hopefully someone else will find value in my post and your replies :+1:

My best tip that works for me is to put on my favorite race video and imagine I’m a rider. For me it works because in a race your effort is dictated by the pack, not by you. Just have to hang on (the good thing is since this is training, you can absolutely do the effort because you’ve been building up to it. In an actual race this isn’t always the case).

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I think I need your imagination @Ramon_Thompson :sunglasses:
If @trainerroad could offer the option of relevant race footage compared to the workout it could be another USP?! Food for thought, cheers Ramon!

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I just do the same thing that Coach Chad does… put on The Punisher on Netflix and tell myself repeatedly “this is temporary” and “this doesn’t hurt that bad. It’s just in your head”.

If you aren’t occasionally thinking about quitting, I would argue the workouts aren’t hard enough so it sounds like you’re doing it right! Just gotta stick them out :).

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Cheers Matty, I tried the Punisher but it just didn’t work out for me :joy:

And yes, I think i"m pitched just right in my FTP evaluation :metal:

Thanks :smiley:

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One interval at a time and one minute at a time @veloaccro


I find watching the “bike” channel on RedBull TV really helps me with these. I love the first person GoPro stuff.

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That’s how I like to roll Stuey but I can’t seem to do those continued monopower efforts at threshold. I’m defo not a tt guy :exploding_head:

Might have have to work on my pain cave @Benjamin_Reynolds cheers! :sunglasses:

A playlist of 5 minute songs you know well. Start a song when each interval starts and all you have to do is listen to 2 of them before you can rest.

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i’m really good at negotiating with myself for 1 more minute and then i can have a backpedal,…OK just another minute and then you can do it…ok just one more.