Balancing Work, Motherhood and Pro MTB with Sonya Looney – Successful Athletes Podcast 012

Learn from Pro Mountain Biker Sonya Looney on how she balances training, racing and everything that comes with being a pro athlete with being a successful business woman, mother and more in Episode 12 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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Episode Notes:


Says “Not a valid Strava link”

Works for me…

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Weird. Apologies if it’s just me. Just thought it’d be worth pointing out for Tucker. Are you opening with the Strava app?

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No, opening link in Chrome on iPad

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Keep the mtb content coming :ok_hand:


Now live!


Hold the phone!

I like literally put this out in the universe a few days ago to have recent moms like Sonya and Laura King!

Coincidence? :thinking: Ugh, I’m so excited to listen to this!

@SonyaLooney Bradley is the most adorable baby boy of all time. My little girl is two weeks older than your babe. :two_hearts:


That is so awesome!!! So fun our babes are all about the same age. It’s THE BEST! Thank you for listening! :grinning:


Thanks for having me on the show and happy to go deeper for some of the topics and/or help in any way I can! Thanks for having me on the show!


As a recent dad I know not everything applies to me but I enjoy hearing how new moms balance everything.

Your podcast with Laura King about training after birth was incredibly helpful. It’s still worthwhile for new dads to listen to. I recommend it.