Bad Back that does not like Effort after Effort

Hi All,
Relative Newbie Seeking Advise…
So this is my second 'season ’ using TR, - when i signed up first i was cautious with the efforts i was putting in due to having a bad lower back knowing that effort after effort does not suit me(aka renders me useless).
And of course this time i thought for some reason my back had miraculously healed, - but while doing Taylor-2 today i felt the dreaded ‘twinge’…
I suppose i am a gravel grinder that loves some XC . I have no target for 2021 yet but it will most likely be circa 200mile + with 4000 mtrs elevation .
Are there any recommendations as to a plan that will be suitable for endurance training but does not have repeated efforts as this is what causes me all the pain…
As always thanks for any advise or help

One of the things about riding indoors is that the bike is locked in position, with none of the micro movements that you get riding outdoors that can alleviate stress on any one part of the back.

Perhaps try moving, getting out of the saddle, etc during a session. Recovery intervals are a good time to do this, but perhaps during effort intervals as well?

You could also try using the “outside workouts” feature to execute TR workouts outside when weather permits, which will give you a bit more movement on the bike.

Also, consider perhaps doing the 30 and 45 minute “minus” variants of the workout. These will hit the same energy systems, but will limit the amount of time on the trainer. You could possibly move up to the Medium Volume plans (5 times per week), but scale back to the shorter variants of the workouts to keep the TSS roughly in line with the LV plan.

thanks mcalista ,- i never thought of increasing the volume but decreasing the time on each session however given my history i am very cautious of risking extended period being injured.
Thanks Again for taking the time and great advise

Why not focus on improving the health of your back. Strengthening your core and adding stability work will at least for me relived issues with my back. As you age if you don’t do anything else other than cycling, can lead to imbalances in body.

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I bought a ‘mobility program’ from some source on the 'net, and it’s worked wonders for my back. The twinges are few and far between now. It seems that a bad back is exacerbated by lack of mobility in parts of the body which are far away from the painful area.

yeah +1 to people advising to work on strength and mobility. Often small muscle pain is a result of the muscle getting overstressed because it is weak (or overstressed because it’s compensating / doing the job of a different muscle that is weak and not pulling its weight).

If you can work with a physio who can give you advice regarding your specific situation then great, but even if not, doing some sensible core and maybe yoga routines could probably help a lot. Although start easy, easier than you think you need to.


Hi Graham, yes i have been working on core and glutes but after 2 disc removals i do have to be careful, - as i get older i can hear the saying ‘you only have 1 back’ ringing in my ears from when i was a teenager…
For what its worth i have moved from more a pilates based regeime to incorporate some basic yoga stretches and it has helped hugely…

thanks devollikewhoa83 ,- with my imbalances i am more like jelly than a human …

  • yes yoga is giving me improvements even though i am only doing very basic poses.
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thanks JulianFishtown- food for thought for sure, - i am realizing with mobility alot of my issues are eminating out of my hips as they have become the stabilisers for my weak lower back but are no w in fact contributing to my issues…

Core, Core and er core…planks, side planks all these shifted my long term back pain - planks up to 4-5 mins - lifting each leg for a few secs. Side plank - start on elbow - build to straight arm - 90s. Plus windscreen/shield wipers every morning with lower back 10 each side before I get out of bed - same before bed - works - obviously build up the core time over several weeks/months as with all training :grinning:

Hi Jaman- wow -4-5 minute planks…- as Jonathan would say Kudos to you !! - im on half that on front and sides on my elbows but will aim to get a straight arm over time…
Work to start over the Christmas Period…

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Thanks - yeah - took time to build but I did tri in my youth - gave up in 2004 due to a bad back - got fat - looked myself in the mirror and thought - no. Started running but still got back spasms - only when I started this regime (despite numerous physio appointments) did the pain go. I just make room for 3x10mins of this Mon/Wed/Fri and you can fit it in. It is essential especially after running many marathons in recent years and the fact I now TT with quite an aggressive position on my TT bike which requires strength in the core/shoulders to hold…and er the fact I’m 52 so not getting any younger!:laughing:…ps you have to keep doing it - if you stop for a month the pain returns :grimacing:

jdman…- so its running that has been the origin of my issues as well, -and yes dedication to the yoga mat is a must albeit its own form of torture at times!

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it’ll come, brother. gotta start somewhere!

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