Avg Watts display per Lap/Interval

I hate starting a thread over this and hope I’m not missing something. I’d love to see my average watts per interval segment since I’m on a not so smart trainer Kirk Kinetic. It helps me gauge my effort but by no means a deal breaker. For now I’m hitting the lap button on my Garmin. Has this been mentioned in the past? Thanks

You’re given/shown this information after each ‘work’ interval on the App/Desktop platforms for about 5-10 seconds.

Additionally if you view each workout in detail you can see your average, HR, Power etc etc for every segment of the workout.

Unless you mean an ‘on the fly’ page which you could view mid-ride?


If you mean average power as the interval progresses I think I remember a discussion, podcast maybe, a long time ago about this.

I think it isn’t displayed because as there would be an incentive to ‘chase’ the average power for the interval if you fall behind the power target early on rather than just keeping to the power target and the specific session goal.

It’s not really an issue on a smart trainer but it can be with your Kurt Kinetic but like you though I just click the lap button on whichever head unit I’m using :wink:

Hope I’m remembering that correctly.


Ya I meant on the fly. It’s not a huge deal. I just like it, but I do understand chasing a average can throw off some of those harder efforts

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You can see this on mobile.

  1. Swipe the current interval picture (middle of the screen when in portrait orientation) to the left.


Cool, I haven’t tried the mobile app.

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The little white dot under the current power is the average power for the interval as well - it moves left/right accordingly. (The vertical line is the target power.)
It doesn’t give you the exact number, but it is a guideline. It is there in the desktop and mobile versions.