Average weight gain during off season

I gain about 6 or 7 pounds, so about 3 kilos (42 yrs old, 6’1", 176 lbs). This is because I’m purposely eating a little less strict during the winter. During winter I need a mental race break. That includes race eating. My diet never falls far off, I just allow a few more treats here and there as a reward for a long race season, which for me is late April - late September. I tend to dial in my diet about 2 months out from my first race.

Everyone is different - I’m 6’3" and people start to worry about me when I get to 162-163, but if I’m at 165 I don’t get too many concerned glances

Like a few others, I generally lose weight in the winter mostly because I do more structured exercise so its easier to figure out calories, eat more accordingly and drink less. In the summer it is just gets random and the “I rode yesterday so I can eat pizza and have three beers today” syndrome. Mostly beer…

I race between 145-150, offseason goes 150-160 at 5’10". I’m comfortable adding 5-10lbs (2-4kg) depending on where I started. I’ve put on about 10lbs this offseason because I started lower following my race. Once I cut back on dessert and alcohol, it melts off pretty easily. YMMV.

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This is the first time I have ever trained for anything in a serious manner, I race around 147lbs and 5’-7". In the past 6 weeks Im up to 155lbs and I attribute it to eating like crap (holidays). Once race season gets closer I will start watching what I’m eating and it comes off pretty easily.