Did the workout start on it's own after today's update? (Windows)

I started tr on windows this morning and added a 30 minute workout. Then I saw the update, so I clicked download, installed, then restarted TR.

I then started Zwift and was about to start my morning workout and notice the trainer road work out had already been going on for about two minutes.

Looking at the graph. It’s shows my HR, but no power or cadence until I started pedaling at about 2 min in.

Never had this issue, pedal to start had always worked great in the past. It’s possible today’s issue was a fluke, but I never noticed it happen before. I won’t work out until tomorrow morning to see if it happens again.

Has anyone else noticed any issue with auto start after today’s update?

Been monitoring this thread and bug reports, but it seems like this was an isolated instance. maybe pedal-to-start and the cranks moved just a little and got the TR workout started??
Let us know if this happens again!

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Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, it did seem to be an isolated incident that occurred for the first time for me and just happened to be immediately after the update. The following morning (Yesterday) workout did not autostart.

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Cool! Going to close up this thread in an effort to reduce clutter of stale/resolved threads on the Forum.

If any new issues arise, please contact support@trainerroad.com. Cheers!

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