Automatic or no "Close" buttons

Hi there, I’ll be referring to the TrainerRoad software on MacOS.

I just wanted to make a suggestion to get rid of the “Close” buttons at the end of a ride, either “Ride finished” or after applying Adaptations.
Sweaty after a Training I just want to see my finishing stats, not fumble for a small button which has no function to me, only blocking “my end of the workout”.
If it has some function to the software maybe make it disappear after a few seconds.

That would be my feeling and thoughts on an otherwise well appreciated program.

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Just want to make sure I know what you’re requesting so I can communicate clearly to the team.
After you complete your workout, see the ‘analyzing’ prompt, and the workout screen closes for you, are you referring to this window that then appears when you’re redirected to the calendar page?

No. He is referring to the adaptation / fanfare screen showing your progression level on workout completion. There is a small close button in the lower part you need to click to proceed. Nothing else you can do. I’d also much prefer to auto-close that screen after 3 seconds.

Close Adaptations

These are a few examples for confirmation buttons that you need to close.
My suggestion would be to just give a quick pop up that disappears on its own.

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