"Outdoor Button" Disappearing in the App?

Sometimes the option to switch a workout from indoor to outdoor disappears. Phone app, desktop app. I see the options for Indoor and Group but not Outdoor. Close out go back in on the desk top app, and then the Outdoor option appears. I click it and it switches over but the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen doesn’t go live to be click-able. Close out, and it’s all back to Indoor. Any thoughts?

It’s best to contact support@trainerroad.com directly for issues like this.


Hi, I did contact support about the outside button not available. They said not all workouts are yet converted and not available for outside use. Suggested I use the alternate option until I find a workout ready for outdoor riding. That worked for me. Did you, in the past, run the workout outside? Maybe a different issues as you do for a time get the outside option?

Yeah, I got the same quick response. Hadn’t done this workout outside before, just ran it on my own. No biggie. All good.