Aussie sets new Everesting record

The amateurs take it from the pros! :rofl:


Pooley is a complete hitter :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Doper though, to be fair, so Morton is still the champ. :wink:

Doping is legal when you aren’t a licensed pro.



Sweet I’m going to start shooting up then for my USAC races since I’m not a licensed pro.

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Gotta do what ya gotta do :+1:

I don’t need to but just wanted to illustrate the lack of reality associated with your comment. But yes if you want to chase KOM’s, a needle in the ass is all good. But Lachlan is still the champ in my book :wink:

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Cool. :+1:t6:

Looks like arbitrariness is the real champ. :trophy:

Apart from that…you know the un-edited version. :mask:

Not arbitrary. I said Lachlan was the champ, being drug free. You said anyone that isn’t a pro can dope. I said that is not correct, because as you are likely aware, that is incorrect. However I used sarcasm to intimate my point which may have been confusing although anyone holds a USAC license or similar would probably catch the drift. Then I said Lachlan is the champ because he’s not a doper and Contador is. If that feels arbitrary, I can probably simplify it more for you. Let me know how best to proceed, specifically of course. Otherwise, moving on…


And the PROOF that he’s drug free is…???

And the PROOF that AC is doping is…???

Yes, best move on. :v:t6:

And the PROOF that the Captain is drug free after these posts is…???

Hard to come by honestly.

Your original comment was “Doping is legal when you aren’t a licensed pro.” Which is laughably incorrect. So yeah, move on because now you want to contradict your own comment.

Whataboutism. Yawn.

Moving back to the specific topic of the Everesting record, I wonder if we (the TR community) would be in a position to contemplate a TR ‘Everesting record’ ?

Indoors might be a pain in the ass (literally) but it might be cool to see what sort of ‘real world’ times can be posted by some of the super fit guys and gals on this forum.

Personally I doubt I could ride that much elevation over 2 days, never mind one ride, but I’d be inspired by those who could and did.

Maybe a thread dedicated to this?
Just a thought …

We have a dedicate thread on Everesting (real world) and Virtual Everesting (inside on a some like Zwift, as the main one that is “approved” by Hells500).

So you can do the research and find the virtual goal you want to hit. Note that a few pros have already hit that virtual world too.


The TR platform definitely has the capability to create a ‘Most People Completing an Everesting Challenge at One Time’ world record attempt. Get Guinness involved and even I’d do it!


Any current info on mass Everestings?

we need @mcneese.chad to set up an official Everesting day and someone to create the workout in builder.


A TR based workout will be interesting, since an effort will differ greatly based on rider weight and the expected grade.

Zwift, RGT Cycling, FulGaz and the like all use the rider info and hill info to estimate speed up and down grades. If TR ever implements a “simulation” option (as mentioned by Nate), then it would be more direct.

Short of that, we either need to run some number estimates for a range of rider weights. But something like that could be done if we don’t want to use one of the other sim apps.

After being involved in the Speed and Distance Thread, I find that hilarious. Many were arguing against properly calculating speed, and now you want it? :man_shrugging:

Just use one of the other softwares for vEveresting.

  • I am not advocating one way or another. I was simply relaying the info I had read in another thread.

I don’t want or need it since I do use Zwift and would make that part of any vE that I would do.