Phil Gaimon Everesting edit: Now broken by Keegan Swensen 7:42

8hr 4 min 156km 8918m


Everesting itself is plain nuts :crazy_face:

I wonder how he decided on that hill. Was it strategic or just convenient :thinking:

61 roundtrips in ~8hr. He also managed to keep the pace quite steady. His fastest was 7min19s while his slowest was 7min59s. Furthermore, his elapsed time and moving time are the same meaning 8 straight hours on the saddle w/out a break :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I almost forgot his 8hr power is 259W :astonished:

I cannot wait to see you youtube recap.


I wish I was into these types of things…for myself I mean. I have no desire to do an “Everest”.

I’ll check out the video when he posts it. When I was new to cycling a couple years back, I “discovered” Phil through his first book. Also, and I cannot remember how I found him, but I was following his Strava when he was called Peel Diamond. Seems like a good guy.

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They are working out the actual time right to the Everest altitude - prelim time was 7:52 I think I read in the comments

He said it was strategic and was going to do a video about the details of climb selection and logistics planning, haven’t seen it uploaded yet though.

It sounded like it will be a series of videos released over a few weeks… probably also takes a week or two for the first one

Unless I travel, I could never attemtp an Eversting ride…I live in the northern Chicago burbs.

Best I could do would be a virtual attempt on zwift…8.5 trips up the Alpe.

Nope, screw that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He had a great cocky Instagram post before the ride plugging the battery life of his Wahoo Roam and responding to suggestions he should get a backup battery: “17 hr battery life. That’s enough time for YOUR damn Everest.”


Right on cue:


amazing. Peeps working fast these days :+1:

Same here. Only other option I can think is finding somewhere up near Madison, like Blue Mound. It would be a lot of repeats though at only 875ft gained per rep. :grimacing:

Also, I cannot wait to see if others attempt to break this record. Knocking it out in 8 hours, almost 30 minutes faster than the previous record holder, is pretty insane. That said, there are a handful of other better climbers than Phil in the World Tour ranks, so it makes me wonder how low this time could feasibly get.

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Yeah. If there ever was a time for pros to do such a thing it is now… Can’t imagine they would do it during race season. So fingers crossed some attempt it. But i guess we have to wait until Spain further relaxes lock down to give all the Girona-pros a chance.
Would especially love to see some female pros attempt it. van Vleuten is someone who’s probably crazy enough for this kind of stuff, but shes trapped in the flat-AF Netherlands :thinking:


I believe Keegan Swenson is attempting it this Friday as well as potentially Ryan Standish with him… @Jonathan have you heard of these guys? They’re pretty into MTB from what I gather :joy:


Wow. That is a really steep hill he climbed over and over and over. Bombed down it at 50 mph (80 kph)!

I wish I had a Zone 2 (endurance) that went all the way up to 285 freaking watts. Double wow. Almost 4 W/KG for 8 hours. Looks like he rode the border between endurance and tempo on every climb. I’m not sure many of us could make it up that hill just once without going above threshold.


Yeah in prep for this he was doing 3-4 hours at a time around 350 as part of a sweet spot block. His endurance is higher than my FTP, and I weigh more than him. What’s crazy is that I nearly joined the same U23 team he was on back in the day (Sakonnet). Totally different trajectories since then :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it just me, or was the video on how they chose the climb not all that “Dorkery”? Seems like they just chose a climb that was steep, but not too steep, and had few turns so the descent speed wasn’t slow, right? Maybe I missed something…


I think the dorkery has more to do with talking to the GIS guy than anything. I was hoping they’d show some of the other climbs they considered before landing on this one.

That’s a good point. I guess the dorkery about making sure the elevation gain was spot on was probably enough. I agree, I was hoping to see about the other climbs and what made this one the best besides those reasons about it not being “too steep” and being a straight road climb.

I have a few climbs in my area that I’d be interested in doing some calculations on. If I mark them as the same distance, there is a 9% grade that takes about 27 minutes in z2. There’s also a 6% grade that takes just over 20 in z2. Also less steep gradients (4ish%) that take under 20 minutes. It would definitely be interesting to use Bike Calculator and determine which one would be the best climb for the full distance, longer time but steeper, or less steep and faster. This is the dorkery I suppose I was expecting in the video

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When the mapping data company forked over the cash to get the front of the jersey logo spot, do you think they ever thought they’d actually get any real marketing value out of it? Hat’s off to Phil - that was a NASCAR worthy sponsor plug there!

If more pro cyclists geeked out on their sponsors like that cycling would be an infinitely healthier sport.


Tried to do some of my own “dorkery” and based on simple strava numbers, came out with a decent idea based on some local climbs. I’m actually pretty surprised about it, I would have thought the faster 5% gradient would be quicker than the 9% gradient at endurance pace. (“descent per lap” means “descent time* per lap”)

I guess this social isolation and no racing is really getting to me that I’m actually considering this :rofl: