Ronan Mc Laughlin, Everesting Record, 6 Hrs 40 Mins, March 2021


Sounds fun.

crazy. 20 minutes? nuts. It’s just crazy how much time has been taken off in less than a year.


Holy moly. Conditions don’t even look that good.

Amazing this was only an average of 6W higher than his previous record.

Is Phil going to interview him again? :cookie:


Rear tyre blowout with 10 laps to go … yikes

He’s undoubtedly a strong guy, but also seems to have found the ideal hill … with COVID restrictions in place for a while yet, no one from outside Ireland can go and ‘borrow’ his hill either…

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20 min reduction is crazy. He’s picked a good road - steep, and at sea level.

I’ve posted about this before - I wonder how much the wind affects his ride?

18 mph being funneled through that gap in the mountains is likely pretty strong.

Any best bike split subscribers who can run this?

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They’re claiming 12.4mph wind on the day, but I’d take that with a pinch of salt, as always with wind speeds.

Getting very interesting now. Better hill selection and getting the right wind direction and sweetspot for wind strength is going to keep seeing times come down.

Amazing ride this and intelligent tactics used too.

We need wind added to the Everesting calculators though. That could be very illuminating. Maybe MyWindsock could do it.

Phil had cooled on the record for now, so he says, but I think this will capture his interest again!

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while I was super-tucking

double yikes!

Maybe once COVID restrictions are lifted, Ronan could travel the world doing YouTube videos as he takes KoMs everywhere and Phil could switch to interviewing Everesting contestants full time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ouch! Poor Phil! :confused:

Yeah - just measure during one of the breaks in the wind! - “Wind speeds as low as 12.4mph”

FWIW, here’s the report for the day from wind finder.

This site is pretty reliable according to my brother who uses it all the time to determine surfing conditions.

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He seems super humble. His first one, where he took 20min out of Contador’s record was for charity.

Actually, looks like you can still donate:

“Everesting on Mamore Gap for CRS”: Fundraiser by Ronan Mc Laughlin : Everesting on Mamore Gap for CRS

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He had a tailwind going straight up the climb at 20 km/h. Not that it makes it any less impressive, but I’d say conditions were ideal.


Mc Laughlin > Mc Lachlin > Mc Lachlan > Lachlan M :eyes: :male_detective:

Have we seen these two in the same room together?


Had a look at his Strava, even it says 30kph wind on it!

Only place where they tried to play down the wind help was on CyclingTips in the article.

Not sure why, it’s a part of the game - if you can be flexible and pick a date when the wind is strong and behind you that’s smart and that’s what they did here and it worked well!

Had a look around today for an Everesting calculator that also took into account wind speeds- there’s nothing out there. Real shame, I want to play around and see what the perfect wind speed is and what the perfect gradient is to go sub 6hr, I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be done.

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Best bike split would do it (I think). I’m not a subscriber tho.

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Adding video that was just released (here and in OP above):


Yeah, I think of all the Everesting holders over the past 12 months, Ronan has probably been the one that has put the most careful thought into it (picking the right hill, modding his bike, etc). I assume this also includes picking the day where the conditions are most favorable.

Does anyone know his weight? His Strava says 72kg but this can’t be looking at the wattage/VAM.