Feature request: Manually lowering PL's

It’d be helpful to be able to manually lower PL’s (or tell it to disregard a particular workout?) so that the workout suggestions from AT are actually reasonable. In my particular case for sweet spot.

I did Wright Peak a couple weekends ago and it drove my sweet spot PL up to 10 (from 5.8). The one hour SS workouts near there are all brutally hard ( ~IF 1; some version of near continuous high end sweet spot with 30 second attacks thrown in, Chicoma +3 being an example). Wright peak is nowhere near as difficult as that.

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If a workout suggestion is too much, load it and do what you think is reasonable. With struggle survey say too intense.

You’ll get lower workouts.

Other option is to increase FTP setting.

Or use alternates.

Once you get near top of sweet spot the library is limited and gives ridiculous suggestions. The three options are what I’ve used and I’ve been happy with all.

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