AT question: Custom workout/custom intent interpretation?

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, I couldn’t find it … but my question is if anyone knows how AT would interpret the workout below?

It is a custom sweet spot workout designed to be ridden 120 minutes at 90% … however what you see below is something I used to do quite often - I wanted to do a 90 minute tempo interval that day, but I loaded up this workout and dialed down the intensity and cut it off early.

Would AT just disregard this workout if I marked it as “not failed”? Or would it give me credit for the work I did even though it is below wattage the workout technically prescribes and It appears that I stopped early?

AT does not give partial credit AFAIK, you either completed the PL workout or not. Wether you completed or failed your survey response will adjust future workouts. If you get a “failed survey” but mark “I didn’t fail” you are essentially overriding AT. Furthermore, I don’t believe AT works with custom workouts.

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I had the same question a while back and as of now, AT will not grant “partial credit” for your workout. It’s all or nothing, that is, you either completed it successfully and get the full progression level increase or you “failed.” The workaround I had (if you want to know your progression level) is create a custom workout that matches the ride. So create a 90 minute interval at whatever wattage you rode and upload it, and AT will assign it a PL. It’s not perfect, but for now, that’s all you get.