Workout : Success or Failure?

As I understand, AT and TrainNow use the data from previous workout to create a custom workout.
So at some point, the workout must be either a success or a failure.
How can I know if the workout I did is a success or a failure ?
The reason I’m asking is I’m riding 100% outdoor, so I’m sometimes failing an interval for external reason. This morning my attention was on the traffic, and I did not hear/see the start of the interval. So here is my data :

→ Anaerobic Capacity #3 is a failure.

If you ask me, I would say that this was a success, but is it a success for AT ? I’m not on AT, but if I use TrainNow in the coming days, will I get an easier VO2Max workout because the computer thinks I failed this one ?


AT and TrainNow choose from the existing workout library based on your Progression Levels. They don’t create custom workouts.

If you make your TR account public, somebody in the AT beta can view the workout and let you know.

There are over a hundred factors that inform how AT grades your performance, so we can’t look at your performance analytics and tell you how AT will react. You missed one target by a few watts, but you overshot a bunch of other ones, so maybe AT would call it even.