Is AT still having trouble with PL's for custom workouts?

Searched for a relevant thread I could ask this in but nothing was coming up. Not sure if I’m just dense or AT is still having issues assigning PL’s for custom workouts. Can anybody see why Mount Hayes is rated higher? They’re both 4x12 intervals with 3 minutes rest. Mount Hayes is 85/88/90/89% with rest at 40%. Meanwhile, the custom workout is 90% and 50% for the rest, so higher in both cases. The only things I could guess would be a longer warmup, which I thought wasn’t supposed to factor into the rating, and a longer total workout time. What do you guys think?


It is. The next iteration of AT that accounts for unstructured rides and assigns PLs accordingly will do a better job of classifying custom workouts as well. :+1:


Ok cool. Thanks for the quick response Ivy.

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@IvyAudrain, any update on this? Seems like some custom workouts still aren’t “graded” properly. In the example below all I did was adjust Shortoff +5 to have recovery intervals at 50% instead of 40%. PL of 8.2 vs 7.3 doesn’t seem correct (red). Did the same thing to Donner and the PL looks right (green).

No update at this time. ‘Levels V2’ (the big one, the update that will cover all unstructured outside rides and custom workouts and categorize their energy systems and workout levels accordingly) is still the developer’s highest priority, very time and labor-intensive as you can imagine, and is still under process. Thanks for your patience!


Here’s my contribution to the list of weird custom workout classifications…

There’s not a single sweet spot interval in it but somehow it’s “Sweet Spot 38.0”.

And now…



what percentage is the long interval? looks like sweet spot :man_shrugging:

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Is TR’s own workouts being incorrectly scored new ?

85% of FTP, so not sweet spot according to TR’s definition.

BTW there was a secondary progression for tempo, so I assume that long interval was recognised:

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 4.55.17 pm

Although many other coaches state SS begins at 84% of FTP.

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These workout levels are correct. While the filter only shows levels 1 through 10, we do have a handful of workouts above level 10.
The team is still working on Workout Levels V2 that will appropriately score custom workouts. I’ll provide updates on this thread as they become available.

Interesting, so the intention is that when you reach you maximum PL (10.0) there are still workouts that that person can progress to, even if their PL don’t change, wouldn’t that imply that all progression levels are incorrect, as what is currently 10 isn’t 10, because 12.1 (or the ones above 10.0) are (or should be)

One possible explanation: once you reach PL 10.0, it would be normally time to reassess FTP. Instead, one can choose to extend time in zone i.e. go above PL 10.0.

Yeah maybe, as I hinted at in my reply to Ivy, but if this was the intention, why isn’t there a filter for those who need to find these workouts, why doesn’t the PL track it, If I decided to go above 10, to say 11, so why not track it, I might want to progress to 13 slowly, and whats the point of having a maximum of 10, if 10 isn’t the max (but we already knew this with endurance)

Anyway, PL2.0 will fix everything and is of the highest priory to the developers

Exactly! Right now, that would be a nice indication that you’ve earned a bump in your FTP :eyes: . You’ll get the most out of TrainerRoad if you keep your FTP up to date by doing Ramp tests every 4- 6weeks or by using AI FTP detection.

You can complete workouts above level 10, but you’re unlikely to surpass a level 10 if your FTP is set correctly. It’s likely your FTP has increased over the course of time it took for you to reach that level 10+.
Therefore, workouts above a level 10 while you’re riding at an inaccurate/lower FTP probably aren’t as beneficial to your fitness as increasing your FTP, recalibrating your levels, and completing productive workouts at that higher FTP.

Adaptive Training will continue to track >10, we just don’t display it on your PL chart. We cap your Progression Levels at 10 and encourage updating your FTP if you get much higher to ensure you’re progressing (and being challenged) appropriately.

Only legacy accounts can go to 11.