Is AT still having trouble with PL's for custom workouts?

Searched for a relevant thread I could ask this in but nothing was coming up. Not sure if I’m just dense or AT is still having issues assigning PL’s for custom workouts. Can anybody see why Mount Hayes is rated higher? They’re both 4x12 intervals with 3 minutes rest. Mount Hayes is 85/88/90/89% with rest at 40%. Meanwhile, the custom workout is 90% and 50% for the rest, so higher in both cases. The only things I could guess would be a longer warmup, which I thought wasn’t supposed to factor into the rating, and a longer total workout time. What do you guys think?


It is. The next iteration of AT that accounts for unstructured rides and assigns PLs accordingly will do a better job of classifying custom workouts as well. :+1:


Ok cool. Thanks for the quick response Ivy.

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@IvyAudrain, any update on this? Seems like some custom workouts still aren’t “graded” properly. In the example below all I did was adjust Shortoff +5 to have recovery intervals at 50% instead of 40%. PL of 8.2 vs 7.3 doesn’t seem correct (red). Did the same thing to Donner and the PL looks right (green).

No update at this time. ‘Levels V2’ (the big one, the update that will cover all unstructured outside rides and custom workouts and categorize their energy systems and workout levels accordingly) is still the developer’s highest priority, very time and labor-intensive as you can imagine, and is still under process. Thanks for your patience!