AT Post-workout survey effort level descriptions

A couple of weeks ago I contacted TR support with a suggestion to incorporate a brief description of what each effort level entails in the post-workout survey. I thought this would help with consistency in the survey responses we give.

So, instead of just having “Hard”, for example, the survey would also include the following description on the Hard option: “This workout required effort and focus and was challenging to complete”.

TR support got back to me and said that the post-workout survey should show a “?” icon next to each option that provides a brief description of each effort level when you mouse over it.

The problem is my post-workout surveys don’t show the “?” icons.

Following advice from support, I uninstalled the app and re-installed it. However, after completing this morning’s workout, the “?” icons are still not showing.

In order to help TR support, it would be useful to establish if anyone else is having this issue or whether it’s something that is peculiar to me. Please post on here whether or not the “?” icons appear on your post-workout survey, and I’ll link support to this thread. Thanks.

Interesting, I’ve not noticed these "?"s.

Anyone that does have them fancy posting what they say?

I’m guessing they show something like this:

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I have seen the ? symbols in my Win TR app for weeks. Last time I checked the “Pass / Success” survey they were still showing “NULL” and didn’t have useful info. I have seen good info in the “Struggle” survey the last time I got it weeks ago.

It is something underway but might not be complete yet, from what I have seen.


I reached out to support a week or two ago about this because I thought it was a bug. They said the ?’s are placeholders to eventually add survey level descriptions. They didn’t give a timeframe.


OPE sorry about that, a quirk of being in beta sometimes that the functionality of a feature comes first?!?! Haha apologies, we’ll get on that!

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Just received this reply from support:

"…it appears that there may have been some confusion with the question marks. Since we’re still working on generating the fields for these question marks, and it hasn’t been officially released, I believe we left this in the Beta app since it partially works. That being said, with the usual responses, the only description that will come up is “Null,” so I would not suggest downloading the Beta until we’re sure this is ready.

“Once we have those fields generated and everything’s looking good with them, we’ll release an update to the apps so that you can hover over those question marks and get a description of what the workout should’ve felt like.”

  • Ohhhh… the irony of being told to not download the beta TR app, while actively in the open AT beta intended on testing AT & the TR app, because the beta TR app is not ready (but apparently already released anyway?) for use with AT beta… :dizzy_face:
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WHOOPS! Definitely not the right advice there, just double-checked and followed up with the team. Really the only thing to keep in mind is that we’re aware of the issue and are working on adding descriptors to those tooltips. Sorry for the confusion, all! :+1:


C’mon Ivy, get your s**t together!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Can the “?” be put to the side and not actually on the button?

Several times, when crossed eyed at the end of a ride, I’ve clicked on the “?” to see if the description is available to guide me on what I should select, leading to me entering the wrong thing.

I know it’s a ‘hover over’ but the ol’ brain doesn’t always work 100% at the end of a workout.

We’re definitely engaging in an internal dialogue for what this should effectively look like, ultimately to make sure the help is easy to find access.