AT: Easy vs Moderate vs Hard vs ... [Pass / Success Survey Responses]

@mcneese.chad I like both, but really love the second one. Love to hear what others think.

Captures the desperation, and also gives some clarity that yes, VHs can feel like you barely got there, by the skin of your teeth, but you did get there.

They will indeed feel like you went “All Out” !! : )

[Little joke at the inherent confusion in the current TR defs!]

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Sweet, I like the 2nd option best as well. I put that in for now:

Thanks :100: for your thoughtful review and suggestion.
It’s that type of interaction I really value around here. :smiley:

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@mcneese.chad thank you as well! Same!

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@philan @mcneese.chad They’ve changed it since you posted those screen shots. [Unless I’m missing something.]

Productive → Very Hard → Full PL upgrade to WO level, +0.9

Also very worth note: I had no struggle survey after this. You can see it’s just listed as ‘Very Hard’, instead of ‘Sleep’, ‘Nutrition’, etc.

I thought all VHs produced a struggle survey. Unsure why I didn’t get one here.

No, it’s not that simple. VH amy be appropriate and accepting for some higher Productive level workouts, and even more likely OK for Stretch and Breakthrough level workouts.

Changed what exactly. I still see no mention of Bailouts in the All Out rating definition in the TR support article.

@mcneese.chad sorry, I meant they had changed the VH = no PL advancement thing. I thought @philan had posted that he observed that, and a screenshot of it, but when he changed it to Hard, it awarded a PL advancement.

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