AT behaviour with high starting PL

Hi Guys,
Has anyone experienced something like this before? Last week I started Traditional Base MV1 with an AI ftp detection which suggested my FTP was set appropriately. I have a Endurance PL of 6.1, and had been doing an adhoc plan of 10-12 hours a week during the summer with 80% zone 2. The mid volume traditional base plan seems to be having trouble with suggesting work outs. After every ride, every remaining workout gets a recommended adaptation, which just shuffles them all around. It is also decreasing the progression level of the workouts as the plan progresses.

I’m not super bothered about the workouts I’m getting, i do think they are reasonable for me to be doing. I’ve just never ran into this situation before where I’m not doing productive workouts.


Hey @TomJ,

I’m taking a look at this right now and I’ll follow up when I have something to share.

Thanks for reaching out, and by the way, nice work on your recent training. It looks like you’ve been really consistent so far this summer!

Hello again @TomJ,

I’ve just switched a setting on your account from the back end over here. Let me know if this helps.

You’ll probably have some pending adaptations when you log in next time, but accept those and let me know if things are more steady afterward.

Thanks again!

I just had a look at the adaptations, and they are all reducing workout length and workout level?

@TomJ They don’t look far off from some of the earlier adaptations that were ping-ponging back and forth. I do believe that moving forward though, things will be more stable in terms of adaptations.

i’m a bit dismayed that i’m being suggested to reduce my workout time by 75 minutes this week, and an hour next week.
i think i would be looking for alternates to put the time back.

Hey @TomJ, sorry about that! The setting I’ve enabled on your account is an update to Adaptive Training that involves which workouts are selected for adaptations. We have a bunch of athletes testing this now and have plans to roll it out to the others soon.

I’m currently working with an engineer to see why your adapted workouts have dropped in duration, and I’ll report back here as soon as I have something to share.

For now, I’d recommend using Workout Alternates to pick a different workout with the duration that you prefer on the days that you’d like.