AT and strength


I’ve tried looking, I really have, so apologies if I’m repeating previous questions.

Simple one really, does Adaptive Training take into account off bike workouts with regards to adaptations? Or are your performances following off bike workouts enough to alllow AT to calculate your adaptations?

I’m starting a new plan this week and only on Low Volume, but programming in around 2.5hrs of strength training to supplement bike workouts. Also going to throw in the odd run and I am just keen to know if AT will account for all this fatigue.



  • No, it does not.
  • Presuming you mean “performance of on-bike workouts”, those are judged in and of themselves only. If something outside of that performance affects you (most likely negatively), and you end up performing below the workout goals or end it early, you can use one of the follow up details in those surveys in a way, to account for that. But it is essentially a bit removed and not “linked” in a way that many would like.
  • No, it really doesn’t look at that in any way right now.

Quick response! Much appreciated.

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