Progression Level RESET?

Hi all, I’ve been doing outdoor rides in the summer and I thought the rides all added into TR and affected my Progression Levels accordingly but seems not? I did not use TR rides, I only just did my own rides.

Now I am starting my winter indoor rides and after my first ride, all progression levels went to 1… Is this correct?

It is correct as of now. The only rides that count in TR right now are TR workouts performed inside or outside. It is not taking “unstructured” rides of any other type in to account.

So, if you haven’t done any TR workouts, that PL makes sense for now.

They are working to include the unstructured stuff as we speak.

Great, thanks Chad!

Give AT a week and the PLs will be about right. You can always select workouts with PLs based on what you know you can do. AT will dial in pretty quickly.

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Great, thanks!