Assioma duo and iOS

After you finish a ride, how do you put the pedals to sleep? I use the iPad for yoga, so the Bluetooth stays connected, keeping the pedals on. Other than that, I enjoy the iPad app much more than the windows. Connected with no issues and no issues on the ride this morning.

The pedals should go to sleep after a period of no movement. I also kill the TR app after each workout session.


Same. Once they stop turning over, they should go to sleep on their own, without any intervention. Lately, I’ve been using ANT+ and my MacBook instead of BLE, but same theory applies.


Previously with windows and ant+, I’d just pull the ant+ usb and it did shut down in five minutes. Since I’m still new to the ipad 11 and no home button, need to learn how to shut down apps. Just have to search a little. Curious how long with a bluetooth connection they stay on.

The connection to BT shouldn’t matter, is the non-pedaling that will put them to sleep. The iOS app should tell you what your timeout is.

Interesting, when i first got them, they were on for 15 min or so. Support said they stayed on because of the Bluetooth connection. Day off tomorrow but riding Tuesday, ill have to keep an eye out. I agree that five min which is the default, they should turn off.

Please upgrade firmware and phone software, set sleep time and then read the topic

The pedals are working fine as far as sleep time, they’re set to five minutes, over ant+, they work as expected or best that they can with windows…

Now switching to ipad 11 with no home button, different story, more of a learning curve. Closing the application this morning after the workout, stepped away and came back, the pedals were off. The ipad was closed also. That was the behavior I was expecting. I think everything is working as expected and even better on ios than windows, just my personal opinion so far.

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What is it about the iPad app that you prefer over the desktop app?

Well, open the iPad, it’s running. Quicker than ssd boot on windows. Bluetooth connections are there waiting, quick connection. Bluetooth is suppose to be a better connection than ant+, greater sample rate if I remember correctly but no multiple connections. App font is larger, easy to see. I’m near sighted, sweating and glasses don’t mix. Apps for iOS seem cleaner, gives you the ability to choose + or - versions of the workout, not available on windows yet. Just well thought out. No ant+, one less cable. Just some of the pros off the top of my head.

Thanks for that.

I use it on my macbook pro. The + / - is there in the bottom left corner of the screen. Never had an issue with the $50 Garmin ant+ key…

I used the wahoo ant+, few drops lately on windows. Nothing like starting a climb and the kicker drops out. You have to pause and connect again. Very annoying.

Here’s what I really like about it


The font size reminds me of the phones with the big buttons for people who have a hard time seeing small buttons. Love the app setup, I wouldn’t want it changed. I see with no issues without my glasses.

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