How do I pair my Assioma duos to my Wahoo Roam via Bluetooth?

How do I pair my Assioma duos to my Wahoo Roam via Bluetooth? My Roam only sees ANT an power meter

Per the web instructions, there is an interesting comment:

For dual band sensors, the ELEMNT / BOLT / ROAM will select the preferred network automatically.

That leads me to wonder if it’s even possible to choose vs the app/Elemnt doing what it thinks is best?

Are you trying to pair via the Roam directly? If so, I wonder if you get more options when using the Elemnt app via a 2nd device (2nd set of instructions from the link above)?

I tried both methods but see only ANT.

what I really want is use my assiomas as power source and the roam as indoor workout player. I just talked to wahoo support and they said it isn’t possible but the other week I did workout A and the control clearly was not via the kickr and I have L/R data. Today I did workout B and it was clearly controlled from the kickr. I had no L/R data either

A : Log In to TrainerRoad

B: Log In to TrainerRoad

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There was that function in wahoo app some time ago, then it was disbanded (at least from android app, even when there was a button to switch on/off) but was available on ios as far as I remember.

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Looking into it further it seems that my roam now just seems to chose my kickr as prefered power source instead of my assiomas when I am indoors though my first ride it indoors it chose my assiomas. I just want it recording/displaying my assiomas again instead of the kickr but I have no idea how

Me either. Seems to be a question for Wahoo support from what I can tell.

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