Applying the Jonathan training method to a duathlon plan

So I want to compress most of my running/cycling training into Mon-Fri. I have a new little baby; now that I’m back at work (and she’s much less of a potato), I want to spend almost all of my weekend time with her. This may be a recipe for disaster, but what better time to fail than now!

I’m planning to use the Olympic Tri plan minus the swims, and with modifications to fit my time constraints. I have up to 50 minutes to run during my weekday lunches. I have 60-75 minutes to ride weeknights, and maybe up to 90 minutes on Friday evenings (length depending on my motivation once the end of the week rolls around).

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to set up a training plan that would have the highest potential for success.

What volume are you thinking? Mid volume has 3 runs and 3 rides so depending on your desire/willingness/energy, you could do that as one two-a day and split the other 4 workouts over the other days.

When your little one is a bit older do you think you’ll take her out in a running stroller? That could make your Friday night a longer run but you still get to spend time with her.

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Oh yeah, I think I can manage mid-volume. It’s just the longer ride and run that I need to budget for.

I can already take her out in the running stroller, but I don’t know why I feel like I’m not really spending time with her when she’s in there and I’m pushing her.

I currently ride around 7pm once she goes to bed. I was considering trying to do a longer ride Sunday mornings before she wakes up at 7:30am but that would mean I’d have to be on the bike by 6am, and I don’t think I can make that happen realistically :joy:

I would sugest another alternative.
Very early wo.
I do 90% of my wo before anyone else in the house is up.
Id does sucks sometimes, specially if you have to stay up late, but is a sacrifice I willing to make.
In any case…

If you still want to hit 5 days… i would say 3 bike rides and 2 stand alone runs. You can add easy recovery runs after the rides or later in the day to add volume.

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