Heartcast - heart rate monitor

Hi - I have got my Apple Watch talking to my iPhone with HeartCast - so the 2 work well. I just can’t get it into TrainerRoad when I click on devices nothing can be found.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Are you running TR on your phone? If so, my suspicion is that your phone can’t be BLE receiver and sender for the same connection.

Ah ok so if I run TR on my iPad then see what happens then? So I will then pull in the HR from my phone which will have picked it up off my watch, and then it all gets pushed to TR on the iPad yes?

Thanks mate


To be clear I have iPhone 13 so can handle multiple Bluetooth inputs so maybe it’s something else ?

No. Because the iPhone is basically the Bluetooth device that masks as an HR. But your iPhone Bluetooth adapter won’t show up as another device because it has the same address.

Your iPhone Bluetooth stack would have to recognize your iPhones Bluetooth adapter as another device for this to work. And it won’t do that. It’s not designed to talk to itself that way.

EDIT: (I suspect).

This should work.

As @cyclhist mentioned, when using 3rd party-apps, you’ll likely need to use TrainerRoad on another device (such as your iPad), if you have HeartCast on your phone.

I am not familiar with HeartCast, however, I know that athletes have had success sending heart rate data from their apple watch to TrainerRoad using a third-party app called BlueHeart. Once you have the BlueHeart app, here’s how you can broadcast your HR from your Apple Watch into TrainerRoad:

  • Open BlueHeart on your Apple Watch.

  • Pick the ‘Spin’ activity type.

  • In the Devices tab of TrainerRoad, select ‘BlueHeart’ or ‘’ to connect it.

  • Keep in mind that you won’t be able to connect BlueHeart (or HeartCast, I assume) to TrainerRoad if you’re running TrainerRoad on your phone.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Hurrah have now got it working with a product called Echo - same as HeartCast and the other one.

So now I have HR in trainer road so that’s great - quick q, does that data go back to kickr so it can then control Headwind, or any ideas how that works. Sorry to be rub, new to this!