iPad Feature Request: enable splitview

I’d really like to be able to watch a show at the same time as my workout on my iPad. While I could obviously use my mobile device, this has become a bit more precarious since I’ve been doing some workouts on rollers and I try to stay looking forward rather than down.

I put together a very simple mockup for what I’d like to see

(I know this is a somewhat niche request, but figured I’d post it anyway)


I would also appreciate enabling splitview! I currently run TR on my phone and video on an ipad, but would love to only have to deal with one device.


I like that idea.

I’d also like to see the app fill the screen on the new iPad Pro 11". Right now there’s space on the left and right because the app is not adhering to the new form factor.

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I have a vague memory of Nate addressing this and it being a hardware issue that they can’t yet work around. I may be wrong though

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That jives with my limited memory as well. Seemed like a literal limitation via iPad/Apple, not a TR issue.

Thanks for taking the time to submit this request! As others have pointed out, we are currently unable to add support for splitview within the TrainerRoad App due to the way the app is currently built.

That being said, splitscreen is something that we would like to someday implement, it will just require a major restructuring of our app and a lot of Development Resources. So while this is not on our immediate roadmap, as we complete projects and development resources free up, we hope to dedicate resources to this.

Sorry that I don’t have a more concrete ETA, but I hope that I was able to shed some light on our future goals and direction :slight_smile:



Thanks! Totally makes sense that app architecture might prevent it.

Hope we get it see it someday, but until then I can obviously use other solutions :slight_smile:



We asked this many times, but it seems that it’s not coming soon, as @Bryce just explained.

It’s annoying because it’s much more convenient to me to bring my iPad in front of the trainer that my old laptop.

It’s a contradiction with the claim :

TrainerRoad lets you choose your own entertainment while you train. This means that you can do your workout while watching your favorite show on Netflix, catching a new film on HBO GO or jamming out to the hottest new playlists on Spotify. Whatever entertainment you’d like to use while you train, you can use it with TrainerRoad.



But it is possible to run TrainerRoad and watch entertainment on an iPad Pro

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Thanks for the tip, I’ve never tried this solution! Event at maximum size, the picture is quite small but this could be enough to watch sport.

Too bad “Picture in picture” is a paid feature on YouTube, I could have watched the TrainerRoad video podcast. Any other platform it’s posted on?

Edit: I know there are ways to download YouTube videos and then put them on app like VLC or Infuse, but it’s a bit too much to do just for watching Nate’s face :sweat_smile:

That was Eurosport player in my screen shot. Might be worth investigating what other media apps allow over laying like that. Does VLC allow opening a remote stream? Or are there other apps that are wrappers for you tube. For instance on fire tv, google withdrew YouTube access to amazon so you had to use Firefox or anything other than the amazon app.

If you use Youtube using safari browser or chrome on iPad, you can use the PIP feature free


You mean like this? :smile:

We’re updating our mobile/tablet app now and it will support split screen view. The only bummer is the video app has to support it too. It looks like YouTube does but Netflix and HBO go does not.


For whatever it’s worth, split-screen has been working on my Android phone for months (despite warnings that it’s not supported). I’ve been using it with Netflix. :robot: :woman_shrugging:

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@tariqhali Thank you, awesome tip! And let me use this occasion to say I like your videos !

@Nate_Pearson Exactly like this, or anything with my national public tv app! Any way to become beta tester (with TestFlight or whatever) ?

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Great! It’s not ready yet, but when we are ready for beta riders we’ll post about it.