Why does iPad app have the same screen layout as iPhone?

iPad screen is so much bigger than an iPhone’s one. Why does it have the same layout? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more details about the training on an iPad screen?


I think this would fall into a feature request for specific metrics you’d like to be added to the workout screen, ie ‘Feature Request: add ‘x’ visibility to workout player’.
Let us know what you’d like to see! :sunglasses:

OK, I’ll try to draw a wireframe some time. There is one thing that drives me nuts. It is when the instruction text covers the course profile. Every time I look to see where I am, some instruction will cover the course profile. Eventually I turned them off because of this. I wish there was a separate window for instructions. What would be even better is to have audible instructions narrated by coach Chad.

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@IvyAudrain actually I would like to be able to remove some elements or move them around. I try not to look at the countdown timer, but I like to see my cadence. When I look at the cadence I can just see the time to go and it suddenly feels harder :grinning:

I use Trainerroad with FulGaz and I try to set a goal of, don’t check the time until you have done 1km, or 2km etc. This is mind trick that I use.

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Here are a few suggestions:


  • Have an option to show the side bar permanently.

Career screen

  • Allow me to customize that screen and show certain metrics.

Workout screen

  • Add way more ticks to the time line. That was actually in a beta recently, and I loved it. Instead, it seems that 4 or 5 ticks are hardcoded.
  • On the devices screen, the buttons for e. g. calibrating the power meter or switching between resistance and erg mode stretch horizontally but are really small vertically. That makes the buttons really hard to hit. Instead, they should be more square. Religiously, I calibrate my power meter before every session and often switch between resistance and erg mode.
  • I would like custom data fields. I can do this on my Wahoo, why not here? Yes, I like the default layout, but I’d like e. g. left/right balance and 20-second average power. Right now I am using my Wahoo to show me that data.
  • Ability to customize text size for workout instructions. Some people wear glasses and eyesight gets worse with age.


  • Don’t make the calendar a list layout on the iPad, use a regular calendar layout with cells.
  • Why isn’t it possible to move workouts back and forth as easily as it is on the website. Again, I have all that screen estate.
  • Lots of dead space at the top and bottom. That should be used for additional information.

I would also like to see the calendar on a grid such as the website instead of a list as on the phone


Also, have a side bar where you can read the instructions at any time.

Put Chad’s instructions in a bar under the main fields where you can tap to read the last one again. Sometimes I miss them.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I will be sure to pass this on to the team! With regard to your display suggestions; we have intentionally maintained a focused workout interface across the apps to simplify the experience and reduce the cognitive load while you train. We want to help you focus on the metrics during the workout that will make you faster!

You can change the text size in your iPad settings and these settings will will carry over to TrainerRoad.
Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility, then select Display & Text Size.
  2. Tap Larger Text for larger font options.
  3. Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

I will let the team know that you liked the increased number of time stamps during your workout and that changing the shape of the buttons on the device’s screen would make it easier for you!

I will also let them know that you’d like the Calendar to be displayed in the grid format on the bigger screen, along with your suggestions for improving the layout and accessibility of the Workout Text.

Without a mouse to drag and drop workouts to different days, you can change the date of the scheduled workout by clicking on the workout from your Calendar. Then select the edit icon (looks like a pen). Then you will see the option to change the date of the workout. Here’s a screen recording to show you what I mean.
Jul-07-2022 13-54-04

Thanks again for the feedback! We appreciate it!

Thanks for your response. Just a few comments:

I don’t think this is a solution at all: this changes text size for all apps in all circumstances.

The issue is with the design: much of the text and the tap targets are too small, because the average viewing distance is much greater when I am on the trainer than when I use my iPad normally. Note that the viewing distance when using TR on the phone is also different. On the rare occasion when I use my iPhone, I put it on my head unit. If I need to manipulate a screen, I usually pick it up and manipulate it “normally.” When training my iPad rests on a music stand in front of me and I need to fully extend my arms and reach to be able to hit buttons. Plus, I wear glasses, so much of the text is just too small to read at the viewing distance I use my iPad at during training.

So the workout screen needs to be adapted to take that into account. I’d also want custom data fields. TR’s defaults are really nice, but this is a feature every head unit has.

You can drag and drop stuff reliably on a touch interface. Any calendar app worth its salt does that, and having to go to the details screen is an extra, completely unnecessary step. It not working on TR feels as if the calendaring on the app is broken.

I don’t think this is a good design goal for the entire app. I want a low cognitive load on the workout screen, yes, when I use that my brain is more often than not in an oxygen-depleted state :wink: But when I use the other screens I don’t think this is desirable.

Right now, a lot of functionality is missing from the iOS apps. E. g. I religiously add post-workout notes and check whether I have hit my power targets, and every time I need to go to the website to do this. Ditto when I need to shift my workout schedule by a day for a few workouts when life happens: this is super cumbersome on the iOS app, and I need to go to the website. Some of this functionality was available on the old iOS app, and I don’t understand the logic why it was cut.

This is functionality that should be part of the iOS apps. Especially on the iPad you have more than enough screen estate. What is worse, I was often not even aware of some functionality that only existed in the desktop app or the website.