Apartment Training

I live in an apartment, and use a cheap and dirty tacx flux. Aka not known for its quietness.

The noise is actually fine on the same level, what is loud is the vibrations through the floor. I’ve seen some people use rubber mat type things kind of what you see at gyms. Do these make a difference?


I use a mat. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but I’ve never had a complaint. Definitely feels like it dampens the vibrations.

I got myself a cheap first gen Elite Muin and speed and cadence sensors for Virtual Power.
I can only see the 2nd gen now which has the sensors built in https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elite-Muin-Smart-turbo-trainer-Almost-unmarked-No-cassette-attached/114364976290?hash=item1aa0af0ca2:g:odIAAOSwOD1fPRDn

I bought some mats designed for washing machines to sit my trainer on and spoke to the guy in the apartment below me to let me know if he could ever hear anything. He’s not complained once.

In a previous building (without the mats) I got a letter from the council informing me to stop making excessive noise!