Anyone Work a Side Gig to Fund Your Cycling "Habit?"

If so, what do you do? I haven’t found a way to get paid to cycle (no one wants to sponsor an 3 w/kg old dude that only rides inside :man_shrugging:) so looking to see what others do. Replies “in jest” welcomed!


Only Fans.

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“Fund” is not really the case, but I work as a Bike Fitter for our local bike shop. The wage is minimal in the grand scheme, but access to industry discounts is GOLD! :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA Times:

  • Reg Job = M-F 8-5 (40 hour/week)
  • Bike Fits = Sat’s by appt, 3+ hour demand for a single 2 hours fit, two Sat’s per month on avg.

At one point in time I made extra money by pedaling around a rickshaw on busy bar nights. Really helped me on steep climbs :rofl:

Now I don’t even have a main job (covid layoffs). Anyone looking for a remote 1099 tech?! lol


Army, 36 years and counting


Thank you for your service! :smiley:


If I worked a 2nd job then there would be no time for cycling!

Veloguides is a thing and sounds pretty cool


Starting my 3rd simultaneous job in a moment. Also thanks to finishing PhD my salary increase at university would be just enough to pay for TR and zwift subscription. Cycling is an expensive hobby;)


I ride my bike 20hours a week. Working more than 40 hours would cut into that, so I don’t.

I might be poor, but I get to enjoy my time off.


My son and I own a small power washing company for cleaning parking garages in large buildings. We work 2 days a month in addition to our full time jobs. It’s been our “cycling money” for years now and worked out well!!


I’ve chosen a career in the bike industry and up until Covid, I did enjoy the lower pay/discount ratio. With bike and part availability rightfully earmarked for retail employees and customers I’m off the back with the new bike situation. I’m 100% ok with that as my job allows many other riding related perks.




You win this thread! :rofl:


My job went away in the COVID economy a little over a year ago. Had been unemployed and volunteering at the kiddo’s school but now considering substitute teacher work or going back to work (tech industry) specifically for bike money. Talked to several formerly-at-home parents who have started subbing. I guess that’s not really a side gig…


Ive been coding for fun since Jan 2020 (like python/django web development) and have developed my own PMC web app to upload my rides and what not. Those are a dime a dozen and I don’t do anything better than anyone else. But I’ve got a group ride RSVP web site deployed, and I was thinking of trying to market that to clubs as a way to organize rides and collect dues (trying to compete with bikereg, which really doesn’t offer much as far as club membership goes besides taking fees). I’ve also got a DC Rainmaker analyzer tool of my own which I could try to make some cash, but that would require undercutting Ray and I don’t want to do that lol. So it would be fun to develop something useful for cyclists to make some extra cash


What about hooking your trainer up to a generator and using that to sell into the grid? Let’s see, 250W times 4 hours is 1kWh. Here that would net me…$0.12!!!

I’ve thought about the part time job at a coffee shop for fun and a little extra cash or something like that, but since I’m doing pretty well already, so much of that would get sucked away in taxes that it’s more worth my time to volunteer for other organizations and get paid in karma + good vibes.

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I’m a secondary school teacher as a day job and run a bike workshop as a side gig ( I get to work from home, vet my customers and get industry pricing. Wins all round. Except from having to train at 5.30am if I want to train!


Kudos to everyone who is doing whatever they have to in order to make their living in these tough times. You rock!

This is my side gig.

Started this with my partner and BFF. Now we have 5 instructors and more in training.

It may be a side gig, but we work hard at it and I have been running small businesses for a long time.

It is beyond fun to teach people mountain bike skills.
We teach all levels and 25% of my clients are advanced riders and racers. 70% of my summer riding is instructing, 30% is personal. Fall, winter and spring are 90% personal riding.

It is difficult to start any business unless you commit to being a good instructor and love people. (Same as anything else really). But you COULD certify with PMBIA and instruct for a local company in your area.

Good hunting.


I work as a Race Engineer in Motorsports on around 10 Weekends each year. This pays more than I need for cycling, but I think I leave 0.5 W/kg on the table with these non-riding weekends :joy:


Ohhh, what series and vehicles?