Anyone used or using the HRV logger app to find VT1 using DFA alpha 1 (0.75)?

Hello, after learning and hearing about DFA alpha 1 I became interested to try and find out at what HR and power output am I at my VT1. I am looking to try and spend a lot more time this year and in my base phase at or below VT1 to see if I can see any longer term training benefit.
I am using my original wahoo HR strap which I think should work, however, I understand the Polar H10 is probably preferred.
I am trying this app

Because the other app that I am aware of, ONLY works with the polar H10 I believe.

My set up is not really working in that I am trying to run both the app and the TR on my phone concurrently. However, if I start my TR workout and then open HRV logger app and leave TR in the background, I think the app shuts down the workout so I no longer know what wattage I am at.
I can see my HR in the app, however, my DFA alpha 1 number is going all over the place.

Any suggestions on how to best use this app with TR to find my HR and wattage at a DFA alpha 1 value of 0.75 would be greatly appreciated.

I use fatmaxxer with polar H10 on one phone and trainerroad on another phone.

Dont remember and can not check now, but i think fatmaxxer with H10 needs to be used via Bluetooth.

With trainerroad i used a ramptest with 6min steps, it was a long test. 5% increase started at 50% ftp.

This thread is going to be on interest to you - full of great related info.

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