Anyone thinking twice purchasing new bikes?

Just a general question with the situation if any of you are halting purchasing a new bike based on what could happen in future state. I had my eye on a Tarmac (comp version) that I am now thinking twice about even though it is not a stretch.

If you can afford it and it is not a stretch, pull the trigger. Your LBS will need your dollars in the coming weeks / months.


Ha…I just ordered a Giant Anthem…supposed to be here tuesday…already paid in full for it. They have a 14 day return policy if it isnt used. I’m thinking I will just sit on it for two weeks and not ride it and see what the next two weeks brings.

If you have to choose between buying a bike or paying rent you probably shouldn’t have been buying one in the first place.


Don’t have to choose, just thinking out loud.

Buy it if you want it. Small businesses especially need support right now.


I just bought one, but now looks like our CX season could be in jeopardy.

I agree with the buy it now opinions–support your shop and who knows what the supply will look like soon-I know my favorite local shop does mostly custom builds and are already struggling getting items from overseas (think build/drive train type components). If it’s not a stretch get it and enjoy it (I love my Tarmac).

If the bike is in stock, go for it. But, I wouldn’t count on a new bike arriving anytime soon given the likely COVID-19 supply chain obstacles.

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With how crazy things are right now, it was easy to convince my wife to let my buy a new bike…
Having 5k more or less will not make a big difference… in the long run But having my dream bike at home ready to ride outdoor or indoor does.

you only life once!!!


Anybody have advice on how to save up for an Ultegra race bike when you’ve really only got Tiagra money?


Don’t eat out. :slight_smile:


Also ask - do you really need that level and could you buy 105 now and upgrade items as they ware out - which they will do.


Nothing wrong with tiagra. I’m riding sora but I’ve got money in the bank, a roof over my head, and my family can eat. Buy what your budget can afford. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones. A higher groupset likely won’t make you faster besides maybe a few seconds. It’s mostly bragging points.


The priority list for upgrading should probably be:

  1. Contact points and fit. If you’re not comfortable, you will never be fast.
  2. Rubber. Tires are a consumable anyway, when the stock ones wear out, replace them with something faster.
  3. Helmet and skin suit.
  4. Wheels.
  5. Drivetrain. Doesn’t really make you faster.

I’ve had my eye on various gravel bikes for the past 18 months but haven’t pulled the trigger. Self control or what? :rofl:

Various things have prevented me so far - but mainly because my current bike is “good enough” for most gravel near me. Although I would be able to go a few mph faster on the descents with bigger tires… and my A race this year is Steamboat Gravel… mmm… maybe it’s time.

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I started the bike buying process before things got real in the US. I’m glad the bike is a done deal now and it was a very planned purchase to no $ regrets, but there’s no way I’d be thinking about getting the bike now under the current state of things.

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The last few bikes I’ve bought have been purchased with gains from investing. Glad I pulled the trigger late last year on a new mountain bike :upside_down_face:

I do plan on purchasing at least a couple full sets of kits from my LBS this week though. Like others have said, they’re going to need the dollars and the guys at my shop are almost extended family at this point.

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Beans and rice?

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That’s essentially what I did.

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