Anyone subscribe to Flobikes?

Haha! I would think that would just be the commentary actually coming from the European broadcast, though?

Looks like you just got in during the change which is why it would not let you select monthly. After trying for a while to restart my monthly service after cancelling last year I emailed them. They responded quickly stating they no longer offer a monthly subscription. It was great last year, but I am not paying $150 just to watch the Giro. Will check out the more expensive Fubo.TV offering I guess.


Yes , it was very confusing. I then figured out that as of the end of April. the cycling “vertical”, as they called it, was not available any longer on a month to month basis. Dang. I guess to many cyclers just signed up for the Giro, hence they killed the monthly option right before the next tour!

My question then is, if I sign up for the annual $150 plan and then decide to cancel after one month, how much of the $150 will I be refunded?? If one pays quarterly, that would be about $37.50 x 4 = $150.
$37.50 would be about the same as one month of the old monthly plan. But who knows for sure.
I saw Fubo as an option, but that one is about $55 for one month. have not tried subscribing there until I get some clarification with Flobikes.

Anyone have any more insight into this situation? At least NBC Gold cycling is still the same (so far!)


You will get nothing back. You pay for the year up front and can cancel any time, but you don’t get a refund, it just stays active until your year is up. If you don’t cancel it will auto renew for the next year.

FUBU is worse than the 55 as you also have to add a $12 cycling package to get the Giro, so about $67. I just want the Giro as I get the Tour and Vuelta with NBC Gold. Not paying 150 for sure. I would happily pay either service 30 or 40 bucks, probably 50, but the 67 is sticking in my craw. That is a lot to watch 21 stages of a race. I really want to watch it but may have to settle for free highlights this year. Frustrating as FUBU offers the base package in Canada for 20 bucks, so 32 with the cycling package. That I would pay without hesitation.

I’m in Aus and used a VPN to subscribe per month just for the Classics. It converted to being quite expensive but was definitely worth it and I easily cancelled the subscription on the web based site not the iOS site easily as I found the iOS site to be missing options.

That’s too bad - I will be canceling my monthly after the giro. I found it worth it for the spring classics and giro but have other sources for other content - Tour/Vuelta/CX season on NBC.

I guess it will be back to tiz cycling.

FWIW - the Vuelta is going to be on Flobikes. Plus, there’s a ton of other good content, i.e. UCI Road World Championships, Tour of Utah, Il Lombardi’s, etc., during the year.

I was about to subscribe to flobikes for 4-5 months. Not interested in a full year when they do not cover everything. to bad really.

I hear what you’re saying but I would counter that NBC doesn’t either and is more limited in scope. One platform would be ideal but it’s not to be.

I do have to admit, however, that I’ve taken to watching regional MMA and now consider it my guilty pleasure :grinning:

True - but I find that even basic NBC sports, without paying for gold is pretty great. Tour coverage is about all I can consume, CX season is perfect, and random stuff other times of year.

The only thing I noticed is having commercial-free content is critical if watching on the trainer. For the last year, I have eschewed watching anything and only listen to music and feel my workouts are more focused/productive. But this season I watched P-R, Amstel Gold, and 1-2 others on a weekend extended session. Being commercial free made a ton of difference.

If NBC doesn’t have the vuelta, that will make my choice a bit tougher.

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Successfully subscribed to Eurosport yesterday from the US using a VPN. Just ensure that your VPN is putting you through somewhere in the UK when you make the account, and then after filling out your credit card info but before clicking “proceed”, shift your IP’s location back to the US. It’s something like $12/month, much cheaper than flobikes or fubo. Major downside is I can’t watch it at work due to VPNs not being allowed :frowning:


Awesome. Will try today !!!

Did exactly what you said and switched to Canada and it works. Thank you so much!!!

NBC gold’s 2019-20 schedule is now up and it DOES include the Vuelta. With the Tour and Vuelta and next year’s spring classics, $60 is a good value. Will be canceling flo after giro (i did monthly). Frustrated experience with their feeds losing audio or freezing when fast forwarding was a super bummer for the Giro.

We were using Playstation Vue for local channels and live TV, and then learned a few weeks ago that Sony is pulling the rip cord on Jan 31 and exiting the streaming TV business. Started the Fubo TV trial about 5 days ago, and on Apple TV it is soooo much better than Vue. Thank you Sony! Cost if $55/month for standard package plus $12/month for cycling. Been watching some of the Giro d’Italia 2019 and today discovered there is no demand. Bummer. Searched and all that is upcoming at the moment is stages 20 and 21, so those are getting recorded. Oddly no ESPN or ABC, so yesterday I caught the Rose Bowl on Vue. All in all I’m really liking Fubo, can live without ESPN and ABC is an app. Fubo is a keeper.

I do the NBC Cycling pass for most of it. YouTube has a bunch of Cyclocross races. I usually just do sketchy internet links to watch the Giro.

I used to do the monthly for FLO…they had other races in the spring that I wanted to watch like Strade Bianche and others, plus the Giro. It if you look at their schedule, they really have a decent year-round offering (other than being dark in July / Aug).

I have dropped $150 on dumber stuff in my life, so I bit the bullet and got the yearly…been super happy with it.


Unfortunately Fubo is not available here in Australia (geo blocked) - even with a VPN it’s too expensive for my taste. Since Foxtel dropped Eurosport recently (the only reason I subscribed, so goodbye Foxtel), I’m now investigating Flobikes and/or Eurosport via VPN if necessary.

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Just to confirm. For anyone in Australia, Flobikes is next to useless unless you’re prepared to run your client through a VPN (not always practical if you’re running it on Apple TV, for example). If not, almost every cycling event comes up as “not available from this location” - pretty frustrating to discover this after subscribing. However, Flobikes refunded my subscription in full when i contacted them, so nothing lost.
I’ve since purchased a Fetch TV Mighty for the cost of 5 months of my now-cancelled Foxtel sub. I couldn’t rent Fetch since I’m not with one of the right ISPs. I now have full access to Eurosport in HD - couldn’t be happier.

I have decide to subcribe to Flobike for the Giro and the Vuelta. The subscription page was showing a monthtly rate. I notice not long time after that they have charge me for the full year. Since the event are finish, I have cancel my subscription but I wont be refund. There web site induce you in error. That is not correct. I have contact customer support to see what they will say but I will constest my credit card payment if needed.

Last I looked Flo is pretty sneaking in this regard, they show you the monthly cost for a year’s subscription, If you truly want monthly, it is a LOT more/month.
I subscribed this year but cancelled and likely won’t renew. It is challenging to find the replays without having to dodge all kinds of spoilers on their site, either in titles or thumbnails of race related highlights.
They need to get their act together in organizing their site and app so that replays can be reliably found without spoilers.