Anyone running Quarq DFour on DA R9200?

Internet seems divided on whether or not it’s possible. For their part, Quarq only says “The Quarq DFour DUB power meter was designed and tested for use only with the 11-speed Dura-Ace R9100 drivetrain. “ but doesn’t rule out that it’s possible.

Trying to figure out what to run for power on my new incoming Factor Ostro with R9200 and really don’t want to switch away from Quarq (given all of my power #s since I started using power are from Quarqs…).

R8000 works and it says it wont. Worth a punt? Send it back if not?

That’s what I’m thinking. Never recorded a watt on anything else and not keen to start doing so now!

Timely. I just watched this this morning. Seems like it works great (for this one guy, anyway).

I have 9100 rings on a DFour, and will likely run that setup with U8100 at some point soon.

(913) Dura Ace 9200 Is It Compatible With r9100 Chainrings - Lets Find Out! #cycling #shimano - YouTube

He does mention in the comments of that video that mounting 9200 chainrings on the “old” DFour is not possible, in case that is what you’re thinking of trying.

See this Youtube video for chainring / crank generation compatibility. According to this video, besides cosmetics, the 9200 chainrings should fit the Quarq DFour cranks