Quarq Dfour91 with Q-rings

I have just got a Quarq Dfour91 power meter. Does anyone know if I can use Rotor Q-rings on it as it is designed for dura-ace chainrings.
I can’t find much on it except for on photo on Google images

No, you can only use Shimano chainrings on that PM as the BCD is different.

I’m sure the BCD is standard 110 4 bolt. The issue is the silly plastic bit that sticks out to match up with DA 9100 chainrings

I’d be interested in hearing of DA9100 compatible rings can be used on the DFour. The standard 110 BCD is a 5 bolt, I’m actually surprised to see the 4-bolt DFour called 110 BCD as well. Regardless, seeing some other ring options for this PM Spider would be great.

Yep, you’re right, my mistake.