Quarq dfour + AXS 12 speed compatibility

Hello there,
I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 105 equipped bike to 12s AXS but would like to keep my quarq dfour on the bike. It has given me good consistent data, and no issues at all for the 2 years I have used it.
I’ve seen a few bike builds where the 12s chain of AXS has been paired with standard 11s chainrings but still have not found a definitive answer if they are fully compatible or not.
If they are indeed not compatible are there any aftermarket options to make it so, or should I try to find something custom?
I’ve found garbaruk that make a 1x conversion chainring but I wanna keep it 2x.
Hopefully, someone can help, thanks

I don’t think you’ll be able to do what you have in mind. The easiest solution is to get a full SRAM drive train and a Quarq DZero power meter — it is functionally identical to yours, just fits to the crank you need.

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Try to source a 12 speed chain and use it on your 11 speed setup now to see if it will shift. I bet it’s fine as the difference is only .2mm. Generally chainrings are compatible with the next speed up. We used 10 speed cranksets with 11 speed groupsets all the time

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Carbon Ti and Rotor both make AXS-compatible 2x chainrings that fit a 110mm 4 arm spider.

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I don’t believe Shimano and sram 4 bolt 110bcd are the same so you won’t be able to use those rings on a dfour Shimano power meter

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IDK about the stock Shimano rings but Absolute Black lists their Shimano chainrings as 12sp compatible.


Same for their non-round rings if you are oval-curious.

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I recently bought the Carbon-Ti rings for my Quarq DZero (5-bolt, 110 BCD). I can confirm that they work well, and shift (seemingly) as well as the original AXS rings.

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SRAM’s 4 arm rings might be different to Shimano’s, but Carbon Ti and Rotor will fit on the DZero.

edit: just noticed you have a DFour, not a DZero, my apologies.

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You really need the 12sp rings, so no cheating here. Rotor Road Aero R-Rings 2-speed 110x4 Spider Mount Chainring | Chainrings Shop

Can you just sell off the Dfour/crank for $400? then buy a Force / Rival PM crankset? The Rival is $350 and a brick; the Force is $700. Both need a DUB BB installed (use SRAMs if you’re BB86)

The other option would be to try the Eagle chain with 11sp rings and 12sp rear derailleur pulley wheels. You might need 12sp eagle 2x rings though. If the chain floats on the rings or makes noise, you need the 12sp rings. AXS Force 10-36 Cassette with Standard 12sp Chain? - Weight Weenies
Says the big ring is fine, the little guy needs help Running non-Sram/AXS chainrings with AXS group - Weight Weenies

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Thank you all for the great tips and info.
From your suggestions, I’m thinking about getting the axs shifters, rd, and cassette but going for a 12-speed eagle chain and seeing how that works to my current 11-speed shimano chainrings.
If that doesn’t work, I’m guessing one of the 12-speed compatible chainrings that I’ve seen on the thread will do the job?
I might be able to make the axs rings from carbon ti fit the dfour with a bit of handy work

What are your thoughts?

AFAIK the Eagle chain is incompatible with SRAM’s 12-speed road cassettes. SRAM’s 12-speed road group sets use a flattop chain.

Overall, it seems you are penny-wise, pound foolish. In the current market you could easily sell your current power meter, crank and all, and just get the whole groupset with literally the same power meter under the hood.

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You’re going to spend $400 on leaser rings rather than getting the real thing for the same price after you sell your existing?


In fairness, to get an equivalent setup, he’d have to spend over $800 to get the Quarq power meter unit, when he could just spend $400ish on chain rings and use his existing power meter.

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I had $700 on Force/DUB. In some instances, it’s be better to go GXP…. But going native here makes sense. The other option would be selling of the meter and going pedals or going Power2Max

The rings though, it goes Shimano, SRAM/Campy/Praxis (maybe Abs Black, Rotor), and then everyone else as far as front shifting performance. Unless you’re kicking out so many rings, you just can’t invest the effort designing/testing/tooling/manufacturing in contouring every single tooth for 2x big rings.

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Thanks to all once again.
Looks like it’s not worth it to be trying to get a different solution, I had not realized that axs is really not compatible with anything else. I’ll just buy the force level Pm and rings and use my current quarq crankarms. Thank you.

The chain is the same width, the rollers are the same distance apart, but the rollers are of a larger diameter, so the valley between the teeth is more voluminous. The Eagle chain can work with traditional rings and should work OK with the AXS cassette, as it will fit into the teeth. Just the Ring and jockey wheels are the issue. Since the Flattop chain is the biggest, it’s the least compatible.

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