Quarq compatibility

Hi, I am really confused now. I have asked in my shop if quarq dzero non hidden bolt is compatible with fsa chainrings and PF30 BB. They said it obviously is. Then just to make sure I asked Quarq and they said it is not compatible. Why is that? It makes no sense for me, because they are 5 bolt chainrings and I don’t think they are using weird standard. Have any one fitted quarq to fsa chainrings?

I’m 99.99% sure the confusion all comes down to where the chain drop pin is located. IIRC SRAM rings (at least red) have 2 pins located 180 degrees from each other so you can’t go wrong with a HB or NHB version. If FSA has 2 bolts then it’s a no brainer. Even if they only have 1 bolt just make sure it’s oriented correctly.

I’d tend to side with the shop. Sounds like SRAM is just pulling the company line and want you to buy their rings.


I have two quarq powermeter one is fine with fsa chainrings. The other bike misshifts with fsa chainrings. Weirdest thing ever. When shifting from the big ring to little ring it wouldn’t full shift. It would stick the chain between the two rings. Both bikes have shimano derailleurs. I had it at the local bike shop and they couldn’t get it dialed in either. Switched to sram rings and it works flawlessly.:man_shrugging:t2: