Anyone ridden w/ a broken big toe?

Been doing some home improvement stuff the ,last few days…while cutting some wood last night on my table saw, the sled I use for cross-cutting dropped off the front (I’m an idiot) and landed right in my right big toe. 10-12 lbs straight down into the middle joint of the toe.


Doc says I have a “chip fracture”, buddy-taped it and put me in a walking shoe.

Debating going to see an ortho…not really much they can do for a broken toe.

I doubt I could even get my cycling shoe on at this point (narrow shoes) and even if I could, I’m sure it would hurt like hell. Planning in just icing the crap out of it for the next few days to get the swelling down (no NSAIDs for me, I’m on blood thinners).

Just curious if anyone has had similar injuries and what their return to riding looked like…


I broke mine last year tripping over my dog/on the stairs. Wife is an Ortho… Confirmed there wasn’t much to do.

I was able to ride two days after. Very little pain when riding. You don’t use your toes much while riding. A little pain when climbing but not too much. I rode Dirty Kanza a month later.

My wife basically said if it doesnt hurt any more than it does when doing nothing then go for it.

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Q: Do I assume that this broken toe is my broken toe?

If so…no.

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Time for single leg drills :grimacing:

Joke aside, do you think you could ride with flat pedals?

i have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that can’t be fixed; so I have inserts with a dimple in them to provide relief; works well, and going on like 7 years or so. go pedal if there’s no pain!


Got back on t(e bike today…probably could have done it earlier, but I got involved with a garage door project.

Used a pair of Shimano shoes that have a wider toe box and everything was good. I have a tendency to scrunch my toes when I ride, so definitely needed to focus on relaxing them, but really no issues.

Swelling is gone and bruising is down considerably. Being on blood thinners, I was surprised by how fast the bruising went away.

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Yup, ridden with a broken big toe, and skied with a broken big toe! Simple N=1 answer is, if the pain is bearable then you’re OK. Was back on the bike within a few days, took a few weeks before I was totally pain free though. And getting ski boots on was pure agony, but we go once a year, it costs a small fortune and I was damned if I was going to miss out. Getting the boots off again wasn’t so bad but I’d normally indulged in enough apres ski at that point to dull the pain somewhat…

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not the big toe in my case, but the pinkie, and it happened last winter. However, I was able to go and race CX 5 days after the fracture: some slight pain when running, but it healed anyway in no time at all!

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