Left big toe pain?

Not sure where to put this post, but wondering if anyone else has this issue? I don’t have an ingrown nail, but around 50 miles, I start feeling like I’ve got a needle hitting my left big toe. I thought my shoes might be a bit small, so I went up a size, and still have this issue. No problems with my right foot. I’m at a loss here

What shoes, pedals, type of riding?

Are your feet the same size or is one longer than the other?

Any prior injury or history that would lead to a difference between feet?

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The three I have are:

Shimano RT83 44
Giro Cylinder 45
Giro Terraduro 44.5

I noticed the 44 are just too tight, so I went up to the 45. The 45s are too big, so I stopped to 44.5. All shoes goober up my big toe on the left side. I utilize the two-bolt SPD cleat. Yes, I use mountain bike pedals on my road bike :smiley: no history of a nagging injury. Also, when I run, I have a neutral gate. Our bodies are rarely proportional, even when the naked eye sees proportion, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one is slightly bigger than the other

Where? On the side, where an ingrown would hurt if you had one? Bottom, in the pad? Does it start hurting right away or after riding for a while?


On the side where an ingrown would be. Usually happens near the 50-mile mark

Plan all rides to be 49 miles. BAM! (Sorry…not helpful). Have you seen a doc yet? Could be something an ortho sole may fix. Other thoughts include nerve issue (that was my first thought/reaction to your description of “needle pain”), flexibility/strength issue on that side, overall fit issue (e.g, hip angle/fore-aft cleat position), etc…

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How about I plan them to 48 miles, then a 1-mile to the beer store, and one mile back for my 50 :smiley:

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Mmmmm…not likely. I’ve had a gout attack, and that’s not it at all. Gout attacks almost always affect the joint of the big toe, involve incredibly painful swelling and lasts from a few days to over a week. You can’t walk, wear shoes or, seriously, even bear the weight of a bedsheet on your toe while trying to sleep. Both my uncle and cousin have ongoing issues with gout, but mostly due to excessive alcohol consumption and obesity. I had one attack due to too much indulgence in craft beer and that was damn enough for me. I barely touch alcohol anymore.


Shoes maybe pinching, try using wide fit shoes, Shimano, Northwave and a few others makes do them.