Anyone Ridden a Yoeleo

@Pottery yes, I am looking at the Fezzari Empire Elite Rival AXS, which was suggested by @AJS914. It’s around $3300, so a little above my range, but does not include deep section carbon wheels. I might be willing to make that “compromise” for a complete new bike with wireless groupset and upgrade the wheels later.

That’s a good case then. I didn’t see that.

Is electronic shifting a must for you? The 105 mechanical version of the fezzari seems well priced/specced and is cheaper than the equivalent giant tcr or canyon.

I’d take the 105 mechanical instead of rival axs and put the money saved towards a wheel upgrade. Then down the line upgrade to 105 Di2 if/when it gets released. But that’s just IMO

No, electronic shifting is not a “must.” I’ve never had it so I guess I dont know what I’m missing. My Ultegra rear derailleur has been bullet proof. The front derailleur, which is below 105, not so much.

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What components do you currently have? I’ve done something similar, though I’m coming from Chinese carbon to Chinese carbon. My kit is a bit of a hack. I’m using SRAM Force 11 with a Ratio 12 speed ratchet (before they came out with the 2x12 upgrade), with a FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO crankset and Power2Max NG PM.

If you don’t have hydraulic brakes, then you may have some problems with internal cable routing. There are cable to hydraulic brakes (I’ve used TRP Hy/Rd and Juin Tech GT-F brakes) but the TRP Hy/Rd is pretty big and may not fit. Others may not fit as well, as the caliper sizes aren’t as compact as hydraulic.

A slightly cheaper frame, which I’m currently using, probably about $300-$400 cheaper than the Yoeleo. Frame/seatpost, +axles, +headset, +handlebar, +shipping, + PayPal fees is ~$800-$900 shipped.

I don’t know about “ratings” and the like. I’ve used a prior gravel frame (CFR505 - Gravel - Carbonda Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.) for my road bike, that was fine (except for the BB issue I had). This is the same frame that bought the rights for. Thesis applies more QA on top of direct, as well as selling completes.

But, I would caution that you have to know what you’re doing with bike assembly, and how to diagnose problems, and have enough tools to be able to do most everything yourself (just in case). My BB problem on the CFR-505 was misalignment and had to get a BBInfinite BB. The CFR-1056 is BSA, and is fine.

They aren’t the lightest frames, though, though I would say the CFR-1056 is probably the same as the Yoeleo, with the BSA shell adding a bit more weight.


105 mechanical model +$800 for some farsports wheels seems pretty compelling to me. 105 shifts great.


I recently bought the complete YOELEO R12. I chose the highest specs (Di2, PRO wheels, custom paint).

Before I release an in-depth review, I want to spend more time with it. Maybe borrow bikes from friends for comparison.

However, I can spoil now that the R12 is comfy, the cockpit is clean and stiff, and the paint job is excellent.

I don’t like a few details like the rubber covering the seatpost clamp, the saddle, handlebar tape color, and some bolts (seatpost and saddle clamp) that have somehow weird access.

A few more things to mention: YOELEO belongs to the most established Chinese bicycle brands. Their wheels are UCI-approved, and SGS certified. However, their frames are NOT UCI approved but are TÜV certified.

You can watch my unboxing here. Feel free to subscribe for future updates:

PS: I also plan to review and compare YOELEO, Lún, Farsports, and other Chinese wheelsets. So, stay tuned! :blush:

PS2: I am affiliated with YOELEO but I try to be as objective as I can. These Chinese brands need constructive feedback to improve and be more competitive.

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FWIW I’ve got the current 105 (R7000) on my road bike and it’s been pretty great. A very slight difference in ‘refinement’ from the Ultegra (R8000) on my gravel bike but not something that actually affects the performance, just the ‘snappiness’ of the shifts.

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I didn’t know, thank you very much. And USD 1800! Hey, it’s very cheap, much more than a Chinese bike frame, which in fact, we never know where it’s made, by whom it’s built, who designed it or how it was assembled. That’s the truth, unfortunately. We threw the money in the dark. It really is all a mystery. have you noticed that chinese carbon factories on aliexpress copy videos and photos of factories? I’ve watched videos of the same factory, in different brands. Even so, for the obvious reasons (it’s very cheap) I bought a twitter sniper 2.0 in sep/2019, I found the “factory” on alibaba. ( It’s good? Well… it worked for 3,800 km, but now, I had a problem with the carbon, where the front derailleur attaches. So now that we have bikes at this price (1800), why throw money away in China? I live in Brazil, I cannot import from the USA for this amount, I would have to pay taxes and fees of almost 100% in addition to the value of the product. Here, however, if imported from China, I pay only 60% duty. Nothing is fee free around here. So friend, if you can buy in a friendly and transparent market, don’t buy in China! They don’t sell to us, what they do best, they only sell what’s good to those who can afford to pay a lot of dollars on large scale orders.

This video just popped up on my feed…

Not watched yet.

No, but i have ridden YOLO off a few mountain descents


Interesting to see a Chinese brand on that channel.
I agree and disagree with some points he says. But I won’t give any spoilers. I will publish my review of the R12 on my website tomorrow. It’s pretty in-depth with all pros & cons I found. So, stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Ok, guys, my review of the complete YOELEO R12 on Shimano Di2 is finally out!
It’s not a perfect bike. YOELEO still has some work to do, but I love riding it.
Check out my review to find out more info: