Chinese bike part discussion - Groupsets, frames, wheels, etc!

Have been noticing lately that Chinese bike components (i.e. frames, wheels, and groupsets) are gathering real attention from everyone. Today, a Chinese bike brand “L-Twoo” has released an electronic groupset that retails around 600 USD for a carbon Di2 style groupset!!

Here are the videos introducing the groupset from the manufacturer (the video is quite charming in its own weird way)

Plus a first look from China Cycling

These parts have been getting large discussions on youtube (both good and bad). I think it would be great to start a thread here that tracks and traces people’s experiences with Chinese bike brands. Would love to hear people’s experiences, frustrations, thoughts, and ideas. More competition is good and it would be great to hear how people get on with this stuff!

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I have had no issues with the Chinese bike parts that I buy. I wouldn’t go out and buy fake evne buy handlebars from Aliexpress (likely very poor quality), but there are plenty of OEM manufacturers that sell good quality components at a fair price. People act like their carbon bikes aren’t made in China (and from likely the same factory)… I don’t think I’m ready to ditch Shimano yet for groupsets and components yet though!


@killroy123 just slaying the forum threads lately. Keep it up! I love the idea of this thread. I have Carbonda FM936 full suspension MTB and it’s been great two season on it so far. No issues.

This is the link to Carbonda’s site. In 2020 I paid $1000USD (including shipping to Canada and custom paint job). They give an extra derailleur hanger, but I recommend getting another extra just in case. This is one part that would be really hard to replace if you needed it.

Also, a great thread dedicated to this frame on another forum. This thread contains some useful info like specifics for replacement pivot bearings (I haven’t need to replace mine yet), headset bearings and BB specs.


Cool! Can you throw down some links and/or photos? Would be good for people to know where to look (as this gets difficult with chinese parts I imagine)

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If anyone has any good references for aero gravel bars (38-40cm width) with internal routing, I’d be interested in that


They aren’t. At least not for the most part…maybe some smaller brands will come out of the same factories as Chinese DTC brands, but the idea that Specialized, Trek or Cervelo are coming out of these same factories is 100% incorrect.


I’ve got a Carbonda CFR707 built up with Ultegra that’s been excellent. I sized up as an experiment (which sadly didn’t pay off) but it’s a great bike. Did half a dozen gravel races and beat the crap out of it in some singletrack and Class IV roads and it’s handled everything.

And their CFR696 speaks for itself. There are what, 10?, OEM brands selling their own versions.

I also have two sets of Farsports gravel wheels built up with DT Swiss hubs that are in perfect shape after some very chunky gravel and rocky singletrack on a gravel bike.



This is two pictures of the Carbonda 909.

Neither are mine, just really nice builds.

Thank goodness for Google translate!


I built my wife a hatdtail BXT, it’s great. The frame was gifted to me from a team mate. They are $3-400 on eBay and there is a USA based retailer.
I get comments on it all the time when I borrow u it.
I’m planning to build myself one soon.

The one that looks like a new Spark, but without a shock?

I have had 2 Carbon frames from a no brand direct source (using Aliexprrss) one hard tail and one gravel bike. Both v good for the price, but you can’t compare the quality. I really don’t like the forks that are supplied a) you really don’t want a fork to fail, b) my experience is the disc brake alignment is poor. If you have the cash, I would say buy a big brand bike. Components, bars can be good but again, if you have the cash, just go with something branded/trusted.
Wheels, can be excellent value. I have had a gravel set of carbon wheels for 4 years without a single problem, but guess you might not be so lucky.

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These are great insights and points.

I would be too nervous to use a carbon handlebar or stem for example from a non-brand manufacturer. Forks are probably the same, though I’d never thought of it being out of the road game.

One wheel/rim manufacturer that has rave reviews is BTLOS. I’m going to pick up some of their rims for my next XC wheel build. Probably the new 27AL, but maybe something burlier for peace of mind.

Elves is a Chinese direct brand that I’ve seen that look like decent quality. They have a local distributor and UCI approval for whatever that means.

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Sorry, think this would be good if we generally use this thread to link to things we’ve tried. I know its a crap shoot but its good for me to know where people get stuff (also helps me alleviate my boredom)

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Weird geometry on that frame. A 56 (xxl) has a 54.5 top tube and low stack and reach for a 56.

I’ve often noticed weird geometry on Chinese frames. Sized for their domestic market?

The Elves?

I admit I haven’t checked out the geo.

The Carbonda frames have weirdly fantastic geometry. Better (imho of course) than a lot of the name brands.

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Just that it meets their design requirements…does not indicate any particular level of quality.

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I have a set of Yoeleo SAT 50s in the rim brake version with DT240 hubs. Love them. Got em for 700$

Got a pair of Carbon Winspace Grapid 40mm on Black Friday shipped to my door for 500$…also love them. Serviceable hubs…replacement spokes, 3 year warranty… literally the same thing as a 303s minus lifetime warranty.

I’ve had a set of the BTLOS WM-i27AS on my Spur for two years, they have been great!

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I also can’t say enough good things about Carbonda’s customer service. They’re super responsive (I don’t think I waited more than 24 hours for any question) and their answers were always very thorough.

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