Anyone Ridden a Yoeleo

Has anyone ridden a Yoeleo frame? I’m looking at the R11. How does it compare to name brand bikes like Specialized, Trek, etc for stiffness, handling, responsiveness, etc?

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Hopefully I didn’t ask a sacrilegious question by asking about a non-name brand bike. :grin: Ok, really just bumping this up to the top.



I’m sure it’s fine.

I use Chinese carbon frames (direct from China). They are largely fine, but do have some issues with parts missing and some BB issues now and then. Yoeleo will probably add a level of QA on top, like Planet X does.


No, but this guy did a pretty in-depth review…

Thanks! I saw his initial review but not this one. Will definitely watch!

I’d love a Spesh road (Roubaix or Tarmac) and gravel (Diverge) bike but for their prices I could build both using Yoeleo frames with all other components the same.

I ride a Yoeleo T9S TT bike. It’s beautiful, noticeably quick, and very adjustable.


Beautiful bike, awesome background scenery. What is your take on the quality of the frame and wheels?

I watched the long-term review (4500km) from the link above and overall seems like the frame is quality. The couple of “issues” he had were all very minor and none were associated with the frame (e.g. disc brakes rubbing, needing to re-tighten after 1000km riding, etc).

Unless a Spesh Roubaix, Tarmac, or Diverge falls in my lap I’m seriously considering Yoeleo.

The only issue I’ve had is the brake calliper mount points needed a fair bit of fettling to get them perfectly square. Other than that, it’s been perfect.

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Yoeleo seems to be one of the better Chinese direct brands. I’ve always heard great things about their wheels on the weight weenies forum. Their TUV certifications and test videos look convincing.

Thanks for the video. The frame definitely looks like it can withstand cyclic loading. Just not sure if it is supposed to move that much. Clearly not breaking / cracking is a good thing. The Weight Weenies forum definitely mentions other brands that are too compliant / not stiff enough, but I’ve seen no complaints about Yoeleo. The video review above and @gloscherrybomb seem to confirm that they make good frames, too. Again, thanks!!

Never ridden a Yoeleo frame, but I’ve got like 15,000mi on my Yoeleo SAT 50 disc brake carbon rims and they’re been perfect the whole time. I haven’t even serviced the hubs hahaha. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to ride a Chinese carbon frame and Yoeleo makes good stuff.

I know for wheels at least Yeoleo and Farsport are two ‘Chinese’ brands that actually have excellent reputation…I love my Farsport wheels. I’d have no hesitation in buying Yeoleo

Stunning picture.

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OZ Cycle in Australia has done at least two Yeoleo builds, here’s the link to one:
Yoeleo R12 build pt.2 and riding - YouTube


(terrible, couldn’t resist…i’m leaving)


Just a question.
This brand seems to be about the same price as big brand bike.
Why not go with big brand?

I would maybe get it if the price was MUCH better (think Canyon 3 years ago) than the competition. But at this price I would buy a big brand…

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The wheels in the other hand…
seems to be a good price…specially the deep 88 disk brakes…
Not sure how good are they… but for 1k for a pair…seems like a good price…

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I have a Nashbar carbon cyclocross bike that was one of the last Nashbar branded bikes out the door before their bankruptcy. These bikes were manufactured by Yoeleo. I’ve never had any problems with it. It is heavy for a carbon frame & I suspect that the tubing is a little over-engineered in the interest of robust reliability. That’s fine with me.

That’s an old bike! Who knows if Yoeleo have the same manufacturing techniques & philosophy today.


The R11 as an aeroish road bike seems to compare with something like an Specialized SL7 or a Trek Emonda. The R11 costs $1215 and comes with an integrated cockpit handlebar.

The cheap SL7 costs $3300 and the S-Works version $5500. The Yoeleo is 2.75 times cheaper than the base SL7 and 4.5x cheaper than the S-Works. That doesn’t include the extra $300 for a handlebar from Specialized. So, it is a lot cheaper.

Now is a Yoeleo 80 - 90 - 95% as good as an SL7 or an Emonda? That is a good question.


FWIW, the Fezzari Empire is a good direct to consumer budget option. The company is based in Utah. The reviews I’ve read online have been favorable.

I actually have a friend with an Empire and he really likes it.

I’d also look at Canyon but their available stock seems limited lately.