Anyone have the Neo 2T?

You good with the NEO 2T now??

His last response was 22 days ago to my question. I don’t think there was a firmware update in the last 22 days.

Hello fellow riders,

I am in the market to buy a good trainer that will last for years and with the main goal to use it for structured programs like TrainerRoad (it would be my first try with this app). I have reduced my options to the wahoo kickr & neo 2T, maybe the wahoo kickr core because I don’t see that much of difference between the two kickr’s. Anyway, what is the general consensus as of today? It seems, if price is not a problem, that the neo 2T is a very solid option, being accurate, great road feel and silent. But I’m reading here and there that in ERG mode it might not be ideal due to its harsh responses. What are your thoughts, for those who are using it since a couple months now? thanks !

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I would describe mine as “very responsive” rather than “harsh”

I use it 6 times a week for a couple of months now, it does a great job. The only thing still missing is cycling dynamics, you have left-right balance though.

New firmware update out for the NEO2 and NEO2T. 0.34. Resolves a few issues with ghosting watts at 0rpm and accuracy at high flywheel speeds. All stacks up pretty well with my brief testing today.


Thank you, @GPLama !

BTW was the 2T affected by the “accuracy at high fly wheels isssue”? I am always using the 20-25 km/h range and have no additional power meter, so I couldn’t tell. I know you did some elaborate testing with the Neo 2…

Thanks for following up on the firmware update @GPLama! Honestly the ghosting issue was a non-issue for me since I use TR 98% of the time and FulGaz/Rouvy/Zwift for the other. Using TR and this trainer has been very positive with good results after a few months, still quiet and efficient and no slippage either that few have experienced.

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This is just a small sample, but I personally know 4 different people from different parts of the US who have had enough trouble with the new KICKR in the last few months that they have returned them for replacements and sold the replacement new in box.

It seems like the 2T is over it’s teething issues and reliable now.

Again, a small sample, but very significant in my small circle.

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The Neo 2T has been working great for me on mostly TrainerRoad and some Zwift over the last month. It tracks very closely with my SRM on the bike. In erg mode, I’d agree that it’s quick and smooth but not aggressive. The Neo 2T is more forgiving than my Kickr V1 when a phone call or something interrupts an interval – it ramps back up to power smoothly instead of acting like a brick wall like the Kickr did.

I thought the issues with the 2018 kickr had been solved for the most part?

Not in my circle

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We still see Clickr’s happening in the Wahoo FB group. It may be better, and even possible that the continued bad ones are left-overs, but repeat units for some people getting them direct from Wahoo seems to indicate it is still happening for some people.


TacxFaqx did some testing and compared NEO 1, 2 and 2T with regards to their linearity, i.e. accuracy of power in erg mode vs flywheel speed (gearing+cadence choice). Almost any trainer out there exhibits different levels of accuracy for different speeds. According to TacxFaqx, Tacx already adressed this for the 2T with the 0.0.31 firmware update (0.0.34 only fixed the phantom watts issue of the 2T).

Here is the link, the 2T is performing pretty darn good:

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It’s an interesting analysis, but it has two flaws.

First, all 3 trainers apparently hit the resistance floor on the longest gears, and can no longer meet the pedal-measured power target. That’s not a linearity issue, it’s a trainer limitation, in a situation that most users would rarely get into (100W on 50/12 at 90 rpm, for example).

Second, the power level used (100W) is not near the average power used for most trainer usage. A similar test at 200W would probably yield more useful data, and also indicate if linearity changes with the overall power level.


I’d have to look to find the data to confirm, but I think Shane and/or Tariq have shown similar issues, at higher wattage levels. Without checking, my recollection may be off, but this seems to be further reaching than the 100w value.

I assume if there is non-linearity, it will show across the power range. The magnitude may vary however; hence my comment. And the resistance floor mixes two different issues into one bag; one is the precision of the power measurement, the other is the ability to meet the power demand under some conditions.


A comparison of P2M (cyan line) and Neo2T (purple line) on this evening’s ramp test. Neo being controlled from TR with powermatch. Purple line is the reported number to zwift from the Neo. This seems much worse than usual to me… so Im not entirely sure what’s gone on here. Neo2T is on the latest firmware.


What was your choice of gears? What are both averages for the step around 100 W?

Some people report on garmin forums that their accuracy overall has improved but I still see big discrepancies. Are you going to be making any videos about this one Shane?

Small ring mid block up to the shift you can see. From there it would have been big ring but slightly further up the block.

I was seeing approx 10w difference at the 100w level. Just from eyeballing. It appears to have been roughly 10% across the range.